Hi there. This is my blog in which I’ll try to talk about my art practice, sculpting. This platform will be a bit of a self reflection how I feel about what I have produced on a daily or weekly bases, and also an invitation for you to participate and react to my posts. What is your opinion? Do you see it  the way I do?.. and so on. However, if you don’t wish to blog in here, that’s fine as well. Just read me!

I’ll open this blog by exclusive insight into my last (May 2010) produced sculpture, and I will publish how it all started, developed, changed and is looking now. Should this sculpture change later, you will know about it. So welcome again and I hope you enjoy my articles.

Thanks and remember to see my



My opening image of this blog: Sculpture from the new series ‘From the Bottom of the Sea 06, 2010’

me at work