Do you know that feeling, when you sit in your studio, after washing the floor, arranging the wall of your art again, getting ready for an open weekend (more about that later), and just sitting in a chair listening to Radio 4 (yes, I know) and staring in the the ceiling, in  pure bliss of being so lucky to have such a space for storing your art ?! The temple of my creation. And then, there it is.  ‘My Altar’ 2010 was created.  An installation, one of many, that I set up rearanging stuff.

I keep coming back to this picture of my gradmother, back in Slovakia. The power behind it is wordly for me. And I keep daydreaming.

S. Krupinska 'My Altar' 2010

S. Krupinska, 'My Altar' 2010

Krupinska's Studio, August 2010

Krupinska's Studio, August 2010