(In this article – news from Spit’n’Scrub open studios weekend, an invitation to the next event and a COMPETITION to win three of my prints, read on please…)

I could have said “Welcome to my lounge!” during the Private View evening for Our Spit’n’Scrub Open Weekend Event. I had  no large neon light to kill the mood, quite the contrary, slightly yellow shades of light flooded the space, with gentle moody music playing in the backround. I was serving fizzy wine and had groovy snacks to offer my guests in addition to food and drinks on the upper level of our building, where more studios are located.

So If you like the sound of it, or you missed Spit’n’Scrub for whatever reason, you can come back! There will be another Open Day Event, this time organized by Artist Studio Company which provides the spaces for artists across eleven buildings. Our Privite View in Empson, where my studio is, will be on Wednesday evening, 13th October. I’ll be pretty much doing the same ‘Welcome to my lounge ‘ mood but I’ll have a competition running as well: two lucky visitors that leave some feedback in my book and their contact details have a chance to win a print each of my ‘Transition, 2005’. I allow visitors to take photographs during this event providing that if the photos are used in the press or anywhere else, my name and website are referred to. I welcome any of the images taken to be emailed to me, and again I will choose the best one for a small present, the last print of my ‘Transition’ 2005.

Do join us for the night!

To read an article that has portrayed the event and published my views on it, click here. This is in Slovak  language.

Here is a link for more information about ASC Studios and the event- click here. For the page on ASC Studio website with my profile, click here.

See below some photos from Spit’n’Scrub Q-Art crit session during Spit’n’Scrub.

My Studio, Friday 17th, Sept. 2010

The doors were open for my visitors!

Me talking during the Q-Art Crit in my studio, Spit'n'Scrub event.

A discussion during Q-Art Crit, Spit'n'Scrub

Artist Samuel Overington and me, Q-Art Crit, Spit'n'Scrub, 2010