Our OCCCA show “London Calling”  in California was officially opened last night (21.12 – 12.1). The reception I hear was fantastic. I’m so pleased! And now you can see the 3D virtual tour view of it by clicking here. My “New Golden Seed” is sitting next to the entrance, almost hovering above the floor, floating happily. So am I , by the way!

Art works of these artists features in the “London Calling”  – Abigail BoxAgnetha Sjogren, Azadeh FatehradBeth NicholasCarlos Martyn BurgosChantal PowellDarren MacPhersonKaterina StavrouKaterina JamesKimi WyldeHenry WoodJoe CruzLloyd DurlingLyndsay MartinMasa SuzukiNicola AnthonyRachel NobleRosie EmersonRobert WestSenghye YangSilvia KrupinskaSylvia MorgadoSun Ae KimTinsel EdwardsTahnee LonsdaleTwinkle TroughtonVictoria HealdVikram Kushwah