Today’s video card is from my local community run gallery The Stone Space in Leytonstone. I’m pleased that a gallery is taking off nicely. With the effort that has been put in already The Stone Space is becoming a respected and loved place not only for the local artists, but also all the art enthusiasts and art collectors. I went to the Stone Space for the opening of an exhibition called “Spill” by artists Alke Schmidt and Della Rees. I had my reporter glasses on and I had my pocket video camera in my hand to bring you some visuals and sound (watch it below). A friend on Facebook commented on my post last night calling me “the art world equivalent of Tintin” which I thought was very funny. I hope you enjoy my venture and if you like the video card, why not to visit the gallery ? All you need to know about this exhibition and coming shows too, can be found here .

Thanks for your visit



The Stone Space Gallery, Leytonstone

Della Rees, Twenty Ship Spills, detail

Alke Schmidt, History of a Curios Incident in the Gulf of Mexico - Part 2

Artists Alke Schmidt, Silvia Krupinska, Della Rees