‘The Stone Space’, – a community led gallery space supporting creatives from a diverse range of backgrounds and providing a platform to create thought-provoking and exciting exhibitions and installations is opening the doors again with a new across disciplinary show ‘Inclusions’. This gallery is standing firmly on its feet, having put on many successful exhibitions, in its first year running. There was a hunger and need for this gallery in East London, Leytonstone and thanks to number of volunteers and talented artists who manage the space, including Carne GriffithsEleanor Bedlow and Gillian Swan, it is possible to showcase the local and visiting artists of the area and beyond.

‘Inclusions’ open this week, Thursday 29th March for three weeks. Join us at the opening party 29th March from 7pm and celebrate the diversity of art and mediums of these artists in show –  Ronis Varlaam, Sally Hewett, Mary-anne Morrison, Aurora Ira, Clare Smith, Tetsuya Endo, Amanda Whittle, Aysegul Thornett, Frances Bloomfield, Matt Gee, David McLeavy, Stacey Wall, Victoria Turnbull, Stephane Blumer, Kate Pelen, Natalie Percy and Gareth Morgan. I’m delighted to show in the exhibition too.

About ‘Inclusions’ – an Eclectic group exhibition of work from practising artists whose work crosses boundaries and disciplines. Fusing mixed media sculpture, video, sound and installation with traditional media an exhibition selected and curated carefully to surprise delight and enlighten.

I’ll be bringing you more from the show later, including photographs and a video, as it opens. Join us in this facebook event group and see who is going! I look forward to seeing you there! Thanks for reading. S.

Natalie Percy, 'Angel in the Attic 1'

Eleanor Bedlow, Lifting

Silvia Krupinska, Green Moon Transition, oneforone show, Stour Space.