Hello dear bloggers, followers and friends,

I’ve been looking at my website today as I’ve been considering some changes. My blog is always best, if you’d like to know the latest, but I’d recommend you to visit my www.silviakrupinska.com too. You can find my ‘portfolio’ page with a selection of pieces there as well as an ‘about’ page written by fabulous Charlotte Grievson, then Charlotte Bint! It’s as relevant as it’s been written now. Saying that, layers of new work bring different dimensions and techniques (grape extraction technique, salt&oil technique). This will be a focus of the next article coming out in early May 2012. You’ll be first to find out. Thanks for your visit and as ever, don’t hesitate to contact me with your commission requests for perhaps new luscious round cotton paper Salt&Oil painting (*prices start from £100) or just leave a comment below.

All very appreciated!

Best, Silvia.

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*offer valid only through this blog unless otherwise stated. You must mention it when contacting me. I can change the price at any time. The price £100 doesn’t include packaging and postage.  All rights reserved.