Happy to show my ‘Coccon 1’ at Wallpaper Factory in trendy & arty Leipzig, Germany from today, as part of group show ‘Border Case Art’ – best of 10 symposiums of EU-ART-NETWORK. Opening this evening! http://www.tapetenwerk.de/aktuell_2012/aktuelles.html

Now that ‘Cocoon 1’ will finish it’s route of international exhibitions with EU-ART-NETWORK, including one of which was prestigious Venice Biennal 2009 in Palazzo Albrizzi, I’ve decided it can be sold. I let go ‘Cocoon 2’ go at the beginning of the tour in 2009 to a private collector in Austria. If you are interested in ‘Cocoon 1’, 120 cm long organic sculpture, made from mixed materials including artificial hair, colourful clay, Austrian soil, wax, get in touch please at info@silviakrupinska.com

Do join us for the private view today and send me the images if you go please. Thanks for reading!  Silvia.


Silvia Krupinska, Cocoon 1, 120cm long, Linz 2009, 01


Silvia Krupinska, Cocoon 1 detail, Linz 2009 03


Silvia Krupinska, Cocoon 1 detail, Linz 2009 02