Hello dear friends. I took part in “One Day’s Walk”, The Stone Space exhibition. It had a great response from the locals and the theme was to involve the community and the artist from Leytonstone (East London). You might already know that I enjoy taking  “From the Bottom of the Sea” sculptures out , even on my travels. In the past I had one with me in a desert in Emirates, in Margate on the beach, or back in Slovakia… For this exhibition, I had taken one of my “From the Bottom of the Sea” sculpture out to Leytonstone’s Epping forest, and let it sit in a meadow. We tried many angles and ways, for the sculpture to be most comfortable. I chose one photograph of it, which was used to produce cards accompanying the show. Each artist had cards made. Those are for sale in the gallery for £1 each to support The Stone Space in their amazing first year running. If you would like one of my cards free, email me (silviakrupinska@gmail.com) with your postal address and I’ll send it to you or visit the gallery. Hurry, I’ve have less than 30 left.