Hi there. Today are exactly four years from my first blog registration with WordPress. And wow, the time flies so much! I can hardly count hours spent on composing and typing or uploading images to this blog. I can tell you that it isn’t always easy, and at times I feel it just takes too much effort. But you know what? I’m really happy I’d started it. I’ve learned so much since (that never stops), but I’m not afraid now to say what I feel, especially when talking about art, fellow artists or my own work.

I’m taking a little bit of time to reflect on my art and my brand, and I feel ever so excited to work even harder, with some tough decisions and obstacles to overtake, but bring it on! One thing I knew always, who I am, and who I wanna be – an artist. That no one can take from me. I’ve received so much support and guidance from you, my friends and family. Thank you for believing in me!

I’m thrilled, as for the first time I’m working and collaborating with a museum in Slovakia. In my home city, Poprad. That gives me a tremendous pleasure, as when I finish this, some of this work will be on a permanent display in the museum and that would be my first permanent art display. Fingers crossed. I’m also working towards a solo show in 2015, and a lovely project in The Czech Republic too with ‘my rock’ LivePozitive OZ. Thank you so much Kriss and Dodo! Much to say, but I don’t wanna go on for too long. So, this is it. Thanks again to you all. Thanks for the support and the opportunities! I’m very grateful indeed.

Yours truly,







About the artist:

Silvia Krupinska is a Londoner, born in Slovakia by the Natural Park of The High Tatras. She graduated at Chelsea School of Art and Design in 2006, and since is working in her studio creating organic textural sculptures and paintings. “Organic is curved, organic is asymmetrical, organic is natural materials, organic is individualistic, organic is holistic.” by Sidney K Robinson are the words which she holds on to. Her art practice is focused on the synergy of humans and nature with accents on the environment. She documents, records and passes on her observations to the public also in a form of her abalone drawings on paper containing mosaic like mother of pearl flakes put together in shapes of mountain lakes or coastal lines, significant geographical points. She makes works of art based on her direct experiences, either walking the beaches, exploring her holiday destinations or escaping to her childhood. Krupinska has exhibited during The Venice Biennale 2009 in an EU-Art-Network exhibition in Palazzo Albrizzi, and participated in a number of shows and art symposiums in The UK, Austria, Germany, Azerbaijan and Slovakia. Currently she is preparing for her third but biggest solo exhibition in 2015 in London, and giving lots of her attention to KAJ.

About the brand:

KAJ – Krupinska Abalone Jewellery is a fresh and poetic jewellery brand by a London based organic texture artist Silvia Krupinska. KAJ is natural looking jewellery almost entirely made from the recycled abalone sea shells. Abalone are characteristic by their lustrous iridescent mother of pearl on the inner side and irresistible and tactile white and pink texture on the outer side, which contain a row of breathing holes. KAJ’s shells are resourced from sustainable sources within the Trade in Endangered Species licence. KAJ is deliberately kept as natural as possible, to underline its organic beauty. There is no messing around with KAJ in their production, but lots of love and care with some essential grinding, smoothing and polishing to bring it to you in the best form!

KAJ is enjoying the attention and is happy to be worn with anything, but one thing is for sure, it will make you stand out of the crowd! Have fun wearing it! You might spot KAJ internationally including in Canada, Slovakia, Czech Republic. After its first TV appearance in TV Poprad in October 2013, it continues to grow with lots of collaborations and exciting announcements coming soon.