I was recently interviewed by artist Hannah Adamaszek and this lovely blog – ‘well why don’t you?’ and here is the reblogged article. It was a pleasure to work with them! I hope you’ll enjoy it. Thank you for reading.

well why don't you…?

Nature and organic forms are the perfect sculptures and Silvia Krupinska does it perfectly.  We have met her a few times from collaborative shows at Curious Duke Gallery, and have wanted to interview her ever since.  Here she explains how she started and what motivates her to create these beautiful works

Tell us about yourself, how did you start making sculptures?

I’m an organic texture artist based in London but originally from Slovakia. I always knew I wanted to be an artists, but only in my second year (2005) during my BA at Chelsea School of Art and Design, I moved away from only painting and have began to make 3D installations and sculptures. Interestingly, painting has never left me completely. There were times I called myself a ‘painterly sculptor and sculpterly painter’. I enjoy making sculptures the most, when I experiment with a technique and something unexpected happens…

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