It’s been a perfect Saturday really. I visited my local gallery The Stone Space. The exhibition ‘Take your Time’ is the best I’ve seen in The Stone Space so far. Of course, it’s a question of taste, and this is totally my cup of tea! The outside view to the gallery is great. You can see the dried yellow leaves covering the floor, some wooden logs are positioned in the space too, for sitting. Suspended from the wires near the ceiling are the fabric cones, hand dyed with natural nettle and other pigments. The atmosphere is idyllic. Only when you enter the gallery you realize, the bird-song is playing and with the first step your mood is transformed and “you leave four days of stress behind you”- said one of the visitors to us. The scent in the room is leafy and woody, with the hint of sage, and blue-bells refresh your smell buds too. Oh what a feeling! One that is best experienced in person.

Take Your Time, The Stone Space

Perpendicular, The Stone Space 0

Perpendicular, The Stone Space 02

As I was chatting to a gallerist Christine Davies, I found out some interesting facts about this show.

“The Installation ‘Take your Time’ by Perpendicular is a collaborative partnership between artists Kim Norton and Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva. Perpendicular’s installation is a secluded space filled with the sounds and scent that people often associate with gardens or woodlands. The collection of fabric cones hanging within the gallery at varying heights create an illusion of elevation and suspension.”



I hope you have the time to visit The Stone Space in the near future. To help to plan your visit, the opening hours and days are as follows:

The show opened on Thursday 4 December and will run until 11 January 2015. From the 15 December and over the festive season the gallery will be closed and so the show will be for viewing from the street only. But what a view!