“There is only one correct way to hang the paintings according to the system out of a possible 14,529,715,199 combinations.”

Sketch Abstract Return 14 Billion 2019 by Krupinska 011 800px

This opening quote is a catcher for you to continue reading and it is also an explanation of what 14 Billion represents in the title of my latest art installation (a commission by UAL Estates team for UAL Green Week). I’m not talking about money here when I say Abstract Return but more referring to a journey of water. True, the money association is strong when talking about water, one of the most valuable natural resources and commodities, but that’s for another day. There are eleven stages in the water processes. Starting with water’s abstraction from a river or a well to its return back to a river. But before I get too technical I’ll finish this paragraph and say what a pleasure it has been to make this piece! A big thank you to the staff of the London Museum of Water & Steam where I’ve been doing some of my research.

The eleven stages I mention are interpreted in my work by eleven plaster paintings or panels, hanging on the steel structure. They are:

Blue Plaster Panel by Krupinska (2019)

Image credit: Blue Painting or panel for the Abstract Return 14 Billion art installation.

Semi orange and yellow: Abstraction – water is taken from wells and rivers through pipes.
Blue: Pumping – water is pumped to reservoirs by electric pumps.
Dirty white: Storage – water is stored in open reservoirs.
Blue: Pumping – water is pumped to treatment plants by electric pumps.
Ochre: Treatment – water is filtered, cleaned, and treated.
Dirty white: Storage– water is stored in covered reservoirs and ring the main system.
Blue: Pumping – water is pumped to homes and industry, including UAL.
Purple: Homes and Industry – water is used for drinking, washing, industry.
Dark brown: Disposal – wastewater goes to drains and sewers.
Ochre: Treatment – sewage and dirty water are separated and cleaned.
Grey: Return – water is returned to rivers or used to irrigate farmland.

Abstract Return 14 Billion 2019 by Krupinska

Image credit: Abstract Return 14 Billion art installation at Central St Martins, UAL.

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