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Hello my valued friends and followers. I’ve a little update about my abalone jewellery line KAJ. I’ve lots new pendants to be added to the store, hence I’ve a sale going on on all KAJ jewellery at amazing 45% off the original price. 45% off on Jewellery when using code “ABALONE45%OFF” at the checkout. http://krupinskart.tictail.comThis sale ends tonight at midnight, 29th Dec. 2014 and all shipping anywhere is free!

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Have a great week and happy new year 2015.

Thank you for your support,   Silvia x

Hi there!

I’ve a summer sale on the abalone jewellery in krupinskart shop, and if you fancy any of the pieces in the store, get in touch with #£offKAJ tag and you will get a special price on your chosen product.

Contact me on Twitter:@silviakrupinska, Facebook: Silvia Krupinska, Email: silviakrupinska(at)gmail(dot)com or comment on the post here.



Have a great summer!



Hello. I’m pleased to tell you that my jewellery collection is growing. I’ll be adding six new Krupinska Abalone Jewellery pieces to my online shop this week. Today, starting with KAJ Petal 19/50.

KAJ Petal 19 of 50 is from limited edition of abalone jewellery pieces. I called it Petal because it is light and its texture looks like drops of water in the rain, sparkling on the leaves and petals of flowers in the garden. I love flowers. I’ve deliberately kept the shell as natural as possible, to remain its organic beauty. No messing around, just essential grinding, smoothing and polishing.

Made from recycled abalone shell with its mother of pearl, metal silver coloured metal hoop and grey-blue cord. To avoid metal allergens on the skin, I tied a bow at the end, instead of a clasp. Pendant size about 8.3 cm long and 6.5 cm wide. Cord is approximately 90 cm long.  It’s a double-sided piece.

Apart from a signed limited edition certificate,  also the standard postage, a pretty soft pouch, packaging and the handling fee are included in the price. Item isn’t suitable for children.









This KAJ abalone pendant is available here. To check which pieces of art and KAJ have sold in Krupinskart, follow this link. Thank you.

As people asked for it, I’m going to make some KAJ earrings too. More info and images coming soon to my social  media platforms and my online store Thanks for the follow! It’s much appreciated.


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                                           Krupinska Abalone Jewellery

Hello my favourite readers! I’ve some news to tell you about and introduce you to my new jewellery brand – Krupinska Abalone Jewellery. Not that my art practice is changing, but I’m also adding jewellery to my artistic repertoire. I’ve launched my first limited edition of Abalone Pendants in November 2013, and now have added further nine designs to the collection. For all still available pieces, visit my Krupinskart shop. 

This picture below is of one of my favourite statement pieces, for brave-hearted or people that are after something different – Abalone Heart pendant. I called it Abalone Heart , as it sits on the chest and ‘protects’ the heart.

More about my abalone

Abalone pendants, 50 limited edition of abalone jewellery pieces are designed by me, Silvia Krupinska – Organic Sculptor in my London studio. I’ve deliberately kept the shell as natural as possible to remain its organic beauty. No messing around. They are all made from the recycled abalone shells with their mother of pearl, metal silver coloured hoops and grey-blue cord. To avoid metal allergens on the skin, I’ve tied a bow at the end, instead of a clasp on most of them. Easy to adjust for all. Pendant sizes vary. Cord size 70 cm aprox. It’s a double-sided design.

I’ve done a research into what kind of shells there are and how they can be sustainably sourced. I use broken recycled abalone shells and my supplier has the Trade in Endangered Species licence (CITES). It is very important to me and I believe as an artist /and human being/ I have a responsibility to the environment. All shells are grittier and rougher on the outside and the inside of the shell that is in direct contact with the animal, the snail that lives in it, is very smooth and often shiny, containing mother of pearl (also called nacre). I grind and softly smooth out the gritty side, to avoid any damage to textiles worn under it. Love and care.  : )
For more or any questions about my art and collection of jewellery email silviakrupinska(at)

All images are property and copyright of Silvia Krupinska, 2014.

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