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What are you doing this Saturday from 12-18:30? Hidden River Festival is taking place in a marvelous location beside the New River Path, near the East and West reservoirs at Woodberry Down. The Hidden River Festival is a free annual waterside event, giving local people a chance to enjoy a mix of live music, food stalls, art and fun for all the family with the aim of connecting the communities living alongside the New River, which runs through Hackney and Haringey. The festival is organized by Manor House Development Trust and the schedule looks pretty busy. 🙂


I’ll be present at the festival as I’m doing a Draw with Sand – Create New Rivers workshop and selling small works of art, drawings, prints and KAJ – Krupinska Abalone Jewellery. This will be a good opportunity for any first-time art buyers to start a collection with an affordable piece of art.


I feel for our rivers, the veins of our lives and society. I’m incurably curious about where water comes from and how it is cleaned, appearing by magic in our taps! My Draw with Sand – Create New Rivers workshop gives us an opportunity to learn about our local water spaces and where tap water in Woodberry Down comes from. We are lucky to have Woodberry and Walthamstow Wetlands Nature Reserves on our doorstep. You can talk to me about your experiences walking outdoors while you learn to draw with sand and make your very own river drawing. You can get inspired by the maps of local water shapes, or simply create a phantasy river or lake from shades of sand and abalone mother of pearl flakes.

Competition for all participants: There will be a chance for all taking part to win a mini mountain lake artwork. I’ll pull a winner out of a hat at 5pm the same day.

I’ll be sharing a gazebo with a fantastic bio artist and friend Mellissa Fisher! Her workshop titled Microbial Me will give you a chance to create a microbial self-portrait! There is going to be so much happening. You can check out the festival program just below.



From Redmond Community Centre, along the canal paths of the New River on the East and West Reservoir and Lordship Road, Woodberry Down Estate – Kayani Avenue, N4 2HF,


Check out April promotional 1/4 price reduction on all KAJ jewellery in krupinskart online shop valid till 27 April, 2014. Thanks for the visit.


Hello. I’m pleased to tell you that my jewellery collection is growing. I’ll be adding six new Krupinska Abalone Jewellery pieces to my online shop this week. Today, starting with KAJ Petal 19/50.

KAJ Petal 19 of 50 is from limited edition of abalone jewellery pieces. I called it Petal because it is light and its texture looks like drops of water in the rain, sparkling on the leaves and petals of flowers in the garden. I love flowers. I’ve deliberately kept the shell as natural as possible, to remain its organic beauty. No messing around, just essential grinding, smoothing and polishing.

Made from recycled abalone shell with its mother of pearl, metal silver coloured metal hoop and grey-blue cord. To avoid metal allergens on the skin, I tied a bow at the end, instead of a clasp. Pendant size about 8.3 cm long and 6.5 cm wide. Cord is approximately 90 cm long.  It’s a double-sided piece.

Apart from a signed limited edition certificate,  also the standard postage, a pretty soft pouch, packaging and the handling fee are included in the price. Item isn’t suitable for children.









This KAJ abalone pendant is available here. To check which pieces of art and KAJ have sold in Krupinskart, follow this link. Thank you.

My new brand of jewellery #KAJ available on is accompanying my other small and medium organic sculptures and artworks. Have a quick peak. #peeeeaaaaakkkk

Download this image, share it if you wish and tell your friends. Thank you!



header Krupinskart jewellery
                                           Krupinska Abalone Jewellery

Hello my favourite readers! I’ve some news to tell you about and introduce you to my new jewellery brand – Krupinska Abalone Jewellery. Not that my art practice is changing, but I’m also adding jewellery to my artistic repertoire. I’ve launched my first limited edition of Abalone Pendants in November 2013, and now have added further nine designs to the collection. For all still available pieces, visit my Krupinskart shop. 

This picture below is of one of my favourite statement pieces, for brave-hearted or people that are after something different – Abalone Heart pendant. I called it Abalone Heart , as it sits on the chest and ‘protects’ the heart.

More about my abalone

Abalone pendants, 50 limited edition of abalone jewellery pieces are designed by me, Silvia Krupinska – Organic Sculptor in my London studio. I’ve deliberately kept the shell as natural as possible to remain its organic beauty. No messing around. They are all made from the recycled abalone shells with their mother of pearl, metal silver coloured hoops and grey-blue cord. To avoid metal allergens on the skin, I’ve tied a bow at the end, instead of a clasp on most of them. Easy to adjust for all. Pendant sizes vary. Cord size 70 cm aprox. It’s a double-sided design.

I’ve done a research into what kind of shells there are and how they can be sustainably sourced. I use broken recycled abalone shells and my supplier has the Trade in Endangered Species licence (CITES). It is very important to me and I believe as an artist /and human being/ I have a responsibility to the environment. All shells are grittier and rougher on the outside and the inside of the shell that is in direct contact with the animal, the snail that lives in it, is very smooth and often shiny, containing mother of pearl (also called nacre). I grind and softly smooth out the gritty side, to avoid any damage to textiles worn under it. Love and care.  : )
For more or any questions about my art and collection of jewellery email silviakrupinska(at)

All images are property and copyright of Silvia Krupinska, 2014.

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