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Monthly series of Silvia Krupinska’s Artist of the Month continues with a sculptural-painterly number. Following my December article about painter John Bunker, I’ve Jonathan Gabb here for you in January’s edition. Gabb makes large installations of colourful-waterfall-like acrylic strands, which are hand cut with Stanley knife. He is pushing the boundaries of two disciplines, painting and sculpture together, and furthering both at the same time! I found his works at Wilson Williams Gallery in Hatton Garden, London, where I saw his System exhibition. This show was a culmination of his 3-month residency in the gallery after winning their Solo Award in 2012.

Jonathan Gabb, Prime Titanium 4,

Jonathan Gabb, Prime Titanium 4

I consider Gabb to be a true artist with passion for the paint and making process. His fresh approach is brave, with incredible honesty. He isn’t afraid to reveal how his works are constructed, even leaving the remaining frame of the acrylic sheet on show, which the strands are attached to and cut from. That makes the works complete, in my opinion. Words like cast, PVA, knot, cut, frame, out of the tube, ready made, sensual, fluid, theatrical, peeling, plastic sheet and many more are closely associated with his creative ‘system’. He titles finished pieces in a cold manner – titanium 4, deep gum 8 – not taking away the importance of the medium, itself.

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I’ve talked to Jonathan Gabb about his work in WW Gallery, find out more if you are curious in this short video.


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