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To read a detailed interview with Photographer Jonny Briggs visit this page please. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to NO.1 Jonny Briggs. Thanks.

Mirroring 02, Copyright Silvia Krupinska


Mirroring 01, Copyright Silvia Krupinska


I would like to write today about one of the best, if not the best private view I’ve experienced. Why and what happened? I’ve decided to approach talking with people during the event in a different way, and combine that with gaining  my skills as an interviewer. What for? I’ve been given my own show on Colourful Radio! Becoming their artist in residence will give me a chance to report and portray  monthly, an artist of my choice. My slot is going to be 20 minutes and will be running during  “Art, culture and life with Rosemary Laryea“. The first show is already on, on October 2oth, at 12.0o. I’ll be portraying the winner of New Sensation Artist, Saatchi Gallery’s and Channel 4’s competition. There are 4 finalists, and the winner will be revealed tomorrow, October 8th. I need every chance to practice, I can get! That’s why October’s Private View at Debut Contemporary,  was so useful. Nigel from Flixels gave me a microphone, and he’d been recording the variation of dialogues, interviews of the night. Dropping just a few examples, I talked to at least a dozen of artists, photographers,  even a couple of politicians and an icon of British photography, Mr Angelo Valentino. Yes, I got to talk with him, and we had a very interesting discussion about current art scene and future of film, music and photography in ever changing digitalized world. Now I just have to get the files from Nigel from Flixels and try to listen, whether it all worked. I’ll bring another blog article fully dedicated to it, once I have a better idea of what I have, and what sort of quality it came out. I’m already so looking forward to it!  Until next time, have a good day and all the best to you all.  Silvia

Debut Contemporary, October Private View, Biddy Hodgkinson and Silvia Krupinska (source Debut Contemporary).

Debut Contemporary, October Private View, Silvia Krupinska, Hideyuki Shoji and Henry Wood. (source Debut Contemporary)

My new sculpting material, 120 golf balls. And the number is you have any spare?

During my* Colourful Radio interview with Karla Williams I promised to write out all the mentioned links (which are all below). While I download and publish the interview, I’d like to share the exciting news of another interview in SK Magazine that was published on 30th May in both English and Slovak languages. Click here to read it in English. Click here to read in Slovak.

Here is the list of my websites and contacts:

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* if you can’t wait, you can listen to my interview.Click on the link, go on Listen Again, then find 03/06/2011, 11.00 and I start talking at 13min 30 sec approx.

Screen snip, SK Magazine, S. Krupinska Intervirew_May 11

Screen snip, SK Magazine, S. Krupinska Interview_May 11

(In this article – news from Spit’n’Scrub open studios weekend, an invitation to the next event and a COMPETITION to win three of my prints, read on please…)

I could have said “Welcome to my lounge!” during the Private View evening for Our Spit’n’Scrub Open Weekend Event. I had  no large neon light to kill the mood, quite the contrary, slightly yellow shades of light flooded the space, with gentle moody music playing in the backround. I was serving fizzy wine and had groovy snacks to offer my guests in addition to food and drinks on the upper level of our building, where more studios are located.

So If you like the sound of it, or you missed Spit’n’Scrub for whatever reason, you can come back! There will be another Open Day Event, this time organized by Artist Studio Company which provides the spaces for artists across eleven buildings. Our Privite View in Empson, where my studio is, will be on Wednesday evening, 13th October. I’ll be pretty much doing the same ‘Welcome to my lounge ‘ mood but I’ll have a competition running as well: two lucky visitors that leave some feedback in my book and their contact details have a chance to win a print each of my ‘Transition, 2005’. I allow visitors to take photographs during this event providing that if the photos are used in the press or anywhere else, my name and website are referred to. I welcome any of the images taken to be emailed to me, and again I will choose the best one for a small present, the last print of my ‘Transition’ 2005.

Do join us for the night!

To read an article that has portrayed the event and published my views on it, click here. This is in Slovak  language.

Here is a link for more information about ASC Studios and the event- click here. For the page on ASC Studio website with my profile, click here.

See below some photos from Spit’n’Scrub Q-Art crit session during Spit’n’Scrub.

My Studio, Friday 17th, Sept. 2010

The doors were open for my visitors!

Me talking during the Q-Art Crit in my studio, Spit'n'Scrub event.

A discussion during Q-Art Crit, Spit'n'Scrub

Artist Samuel Overington and me, Q-Art Crit, Spit'n'Scrub, 2010


Please join us at our special event of art and design and so much more- Spit and Scrub. It’s our open studio weekend at the ASC Bow studios on Empson Street, E3 3LT  on 17th, 18th & 19th September. Ideal opportunity to buy affordable art and meet us, the artists. We’re donating 10% from all sales to a local charity- Bromley By Bow Centre.

Why don’t you come for a chat to my studio(4)?

I’m looking forward to seeing you! Drop  me a line or send me a text if you want my full attention, we can arrange the time. Or simply just turn up. Cheers x

More info on

Hello.  I’m so happy I can share my exciting news with you! I’m enthusiastically working on a project, which is organized by Dynama o.s. Dynama is a civic association, with an aim “to provide assistance to people migrating within the single European labor market with job search, education and adequate environmental background and the resulting focus on cultural and social context of the host country.”  (To find out more about them click on the link above).

One of the projects they are doing is filming of a short documentary about experiences that people from Czech Republic and Slovakia have by arriving in London. It’ll be all about people’s lives, how they changed, what they looked back on, before they travelled here and now. There is a broad scale of topics to choose from, however I’ll be telling a story of my “Identity”, and I’ll be thinking back, to years, when I still lived in Poprad, Slovakia (pre-1999) and reflecting about the times until now and evaluating all this, or at least trying to do it, by telling some sort of intimate story to my self, expressing it by a drawing or two, which will be accompanied by a text. My story along with other people’s stories will be put into a film.

Here is a photo to illustrate my first stages of this private re-discovery of “The Chase of my Identity”. I’ll include a cut out of a short text that I had an urge to write while drawing,

I worked with an idea, that a this porous stone is in the rain, which represents some form of knowledge and experience. Over some time, this stone should absorb the water and increasingly become more knowledgeable and experienced.

(Free translation from Slovak) “I feel like I were a large sponge, a porous limestone, being formed by events and experiences, which I now endlesly suck in to my self, and get coloured by-these pigments of life. No, they aren’t fading pale shade, quite the contrary, incresingly turning stronger.”



I’ll post more updates soon, as the work progresses. The screening of the film will take place in November. You’ll be first to have the link to it here!  : ) Thanks for reading.

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