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Please join me at my charity event, I’ll be showing my sculptures and presenting latest work, drawing called “Skinny Fly, Krupinskus Redulus Armonus” and it’s short story attached with a voice over. The wings of the fly are made from my own skin. This work is created in collaboration with Jennifer Farmer. There’ll be more art to see from various Artists, collective of Debut Contemporary.

At 1.30 I’ll give a talk about my art and I explain my reasons behind the event.
At 3 o’clock I’ll do a Grape Extraction Technique presentation on a brand new sculpture.

This event is in aid of Skin Cancer Research UK Charity, and we’re going to try to achieve £1000 target. I’ll be donating part from all sales.
This event is work in progress for now, watch out for new grabbing info soon.
Press release will be available on request on, or – site with my portfolio – super hot news! Doesn’t burn, unlike my skin…

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