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No.1 artwork of this year is finished. It was started at the 2-day sculpting demonstration ‘Blueberry extraction from plaster’  at The Stone Space Gallery in Leytonstone, London, where I’ve currently another ‘Pearl’ Sculpture in the show – ‘artFORMS‘. Show closes on Sunday Jan 6th, 6pm. If you’re interested to have a similar event in your venue or gallery, contact me for details please. Thank you.

Final touches new work, Jan 2, 2013 by Silvia Krupinska

Final touches on the new work. Plaster, limpet. 5.8cm © Silvia Krupinska

First sculpture of 2013 finished. Plaster, limpet. 5.8cm.© Silvia Krupinska

First sculpture of 2013 finished. Plaster, limpet. 5.8cm
© Silvia Krupinska

I’m very pleased to be part of the exhibition ‘artFORMS’ in my local gallery in Leytonstone, The Stone Space. I don’t think I need to introduce the gallery to you, as I wrote about it a few times already, however I want to tell you a little about the show. artFORMS has its own website, and can be found on twitter as @art_FORMS.

ArtFORMS show flyer

 The show in The Stone Space running from 3 Dec – Jan 6 2013. More on

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A range of artistic practitioners were brought together by the theme of “restriction” – be that the limitation of working without words; the human inability to fly; or taking photographs from a wheelchair. Sarah Carpenter, founder of the artFORMS collective, explained: “It strikes me that through the bleeding of art forms, the mixing of styles and media, (creating hybrids, if you will), you can create multi faceted layers. These layers provide potential for a new sensory language and have the possibility of a huge appeal as they show such variety. This is what we have in artFORMS.”

The show includes works of  – Sarah Carpenter, Ashley Davies, Dimple Gos, Flash Bristow, Heather Miller, Jeff Cox, Mike Bristow, Mike Howath-Baker, Polly Jane Henson, Sarita Plowman and me.

Perla by Silvia Krupinska, 2012 (2)

Sculpture ‘Perla’ by Silvia Krupinska in artFORMS exhibition at The Stone Space.

A bit of an insight of my point of view: “I take a look at the restriction from the sculpting process point of view. The plaster and three crushed pearls (white, black and pink) have been combined with small balls of grapes. After the mixture set, I excavated all grapes out, leaving the tunnels in the 6 cm round sculpture. ‘Perla’ and its inner space is a testimony of restriction that happened and was followed by release. I’ll be demonstrating this act of ‘restriction versus release’ during my live sculpting session in The Stone Space in first two days of ‘artFORMS’.”  …and that happened as part of many workshops and events. Image below illustrates, what came out of my demo!

Final touches new work, Jan 2, 2013 by Silvia Krupinska (800x602)

If you have time, have a look at the full list of the events during the show. We’re closing on Sunday, Jan 6th.

artFORMS events

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