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Borranco – made by water flow is an art exhibition and interactive clay event. Borranco presents a new series of clay prints on paper and drawings I made in collaboration with Almerian forest ants. You’ll be able to get your hands dirty and make your own clay prints, other small objects and contribute to a large-scale wall piece as well.
Borranco, inspired by Spanish word ‘barranco’ (ravine in English), is a geographical term describing a very deep, narrow valley with steep sides which have been produced by flashes of water during flash-floods. ‘Barrancos’ have been a huge inspiration for me during my summer art residency at Joya AiR set in an alpine desert of Almeria. Come and learn more about my experience of this environmental art residency in an informal setting of the Unit 3 Projects gallery.

If you have any issues with finding the gallery, call me on 07941006264. I recommend taking a District line tube to Bromley-by-Bow, all other routes are suspended this coming weekend, unfortunately.
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Borranco_Event_by_Krupinska_2019_0000_Layer 1


9 of Unit 3 Projects artists have done a residency in London’s DegreeArt called In All Directions, which finished in mid-May 2013. I’m very pleased how the residency turned out. The truth is, it seemed ages ago now, as I’d finished another project already titled Origins in Unit 3 Projects. The magazine deserves a blog post too, so here we go. Enjoy flicking the slick pages.

Please look through the magazine on this link. It is really nicely done! Thanks so much DegreeArt.  My artwork has been featured on pages 7, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 71, 75, and 81.

DegreeArt mag Snap, page 67, press

DegreeArt mag Snap, page 61,62 press

DegreeArt magazine, p. 6,7 press

snap face in sand


Hello from a sunny London! I thought my blog posts have become more frequent lately, if you’re a subscriber sorry if your inbox is receiving too many updates. To my defence, this is my season..creative season. And when I’m rolling, I’m unstoppable! Just kidding. I’ve decided to use this single post for updates on myOrigins’ project at Unit 3 Projects. I’ll add photos and text to it, as it develops. I won’t create new single posts on the same theme of  ‘Origins’ but I’ll just add on to this one, that way you’re spared emails …saying that, do come back to keep track and see new ideas and you’re more than welcome to visit me in the space (email first silviakrupinska at or at the event on 23 May! Facebook event link. Before I forget, Thank you to ASC for putting my event on their website! Now there is a statement I’ve written about my inspirations behind Origins, click here to read it.

Origins Logo

Origins Day 1 outdoors: 1 May 2013

I did a photo shoot with my organic sculpture ‘Farol’ in Epping Forest. The sculpture is one of the larger ones in the series, I was curious to see it outdoors. And then, this dog found it very puzzling to discover it…check it out!

© Silvia Krupinska 2013

© Silvia Krupinska 2013

Origins Day 1 indoors: 1 May 2013

Discovering  light and dark of the Unit 3 Projects space in this 55 second video.

Origins Day 7 indoors: 7 May 2013

I’ve some good news to report. I’ve secured a sponsor for Origins! Thanks to Jim’ll Mix It company I’ll have a hill of sand for my installation at Unit 3 Projects. I’m so excited as I always wanted to fulfil this idea…I’ll bring you some images from the process, as it develops.


14 May, sand in day! Never worked so hard in my life!

(Need to work even harder to bring all the sand out soon! Helpers welcomed)

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Happy to announce I’ve another sponsor for the event. Local company The Nut House will supply their fresh cakes, dried fruit and nuts. Thank you!

The Nut House logo

17 May 2013 – 6 days to the event

130 metres of ribbon is ready to be hanged for my ‘May Installation’ on Wednesday in Empson Street. You can’t miss it on Thursday on your way to Unit 3 Projects ‘Origins’ event 6-9 pm.
‘May Installation’ is inspired by a Slovak old tradition of ‘Majov/Mays’, which is considered the most romantic gesture of all, not practised so much nowadays. A young man would go in the forest to search for the tallest best tree to bring to his girlfriend. Before setting it in the ground, he’d add ribbons and decorate it with a hope to marry her. ‘Mays’ are also known to protect new houses from bad luck and ghosts…

May Installation for Origins is ready to be hanged May 2013

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Some new works made especially for the event, from ‘Mountain Lakes’ series below – coming in two sizes – 19.5cm sqare and 14cm square in abalone.

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Installation day

Event day and exhibition

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I’ve been recently interviewed in my studio by artist Samuel Overington for ASC UNIT 3 Projects – artists’ introductions. Purpose of this video is to show my studio and introduce my work a little bit, as one of UNIT 3 Projects artists. More lively interviews of other artists to come. Oh and I put my face in the sand in it…


Silvia Krupinska, Feb 2013

Link to more images from the interview in this Unit 3 Projects Facebook album.


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