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A soundtrack from the Colourful Radio from Jan 5th, where I introduced Patrick StPaul live in my monthly “Silvia  Krupinska’s Artist Of the Month”  hosted by fantastic Rosemary Laryea, during her “Life and Culture show”.

To read a detailed interview with Photographer Jonny Briggs visit this page please. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to NO.1 Jonny Briggs. Thanks.

I would like to write today about one of the best, if not the best private view I’ve experienced. Why and what happened? I’ve decided to approach talking with people during the event in a different way, and combine that with gaining  my skills as an interviewer. What for? I’ve been given my own show on Colourful Radio! Becoming their artist in residence will give me a chance to report and portray  monthly, an artist of my choice. My slot is going to be 20 minutes and will be running during  “Art, culture and life with Rosemary Laryea“. The first show is already on, on October 2oth, at 12.0o. I’ll be portraying the winner of New Sensation Artist, Saatchi Gallery’s and Channel 4’s competition. There are 4 finalists, and the winner will be revealed tomorrow, October 8th. I need every chance to practice, I can get! That’s why October’s Private View at Debut Contemporary,  was so useful. Nigel from Flixels gave me a microphone, and he’d been recording the variation of dialogues, interviews of the night. Dropping just a few examples, I talked to at least a dozen of artists, photographers,  even a couple of politicians and an icon of British photography, Mr Angelo Valentino. Yes, I got to talk with him, and we had a very interesting discussion about current art scene and future of film, music and photography in ever changing digitalized world. Now I just have to get the files from Nigel from Flixels and try to listen, whether it all worked. I’ll bring another blog article fully dedicated to it, once I have a better idea of what I have, and what sort of quality it came out. I’m already so looking forward to it!  Until next time, have a good day and all the best to you all.  Silvia

Debut Contemporary, October Private View, Biddy Hodgkinson and Silvia Krupinska (source Debut Contemporary).

Debut Contemporary, October Private View, Silvia Krupinska, Hideyuki Shoji and Henry Wood. (source Debut Contemporary)

Hi dear followers. I uploaded my Colourful Radio interview with Carla Williams and Dianne Larrington to my youtube channel. Listen to it to find out about my new ideas and more! Thanks and happy summer to all.

During my* Colourful Radio interview with Karla Williams I promised to write out all the mentioned links (which are all below). While I download and publish the interview, I’d like to share the exciting news of another interview in SK Magazine that was published on 30th May in both English and Slovak languages. Click here to read it in English. Click here to read in Slovak.

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* if you can’t wait, you can listen to my interview.Click on the link, go on Listen Again, then find 03/06/2011, 11.00 and I start talking at 13min 30 sec approx.

Screen snip, SK Magazine, S. Krupinska Intervirew_May 11

Screen snip, SK Magazine, S. Krupinska Interview_May 11

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