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Kitchen at ArtHAUS, DegreeArt, 2012, 07

I visited one of those shows, which makes you think about the set up of a gallery, curating of the artworks and at the same time, is so inviting that I felt like staying for a while just sitting on one of the sofas or at the kitchen table enjoying the art.

Unique ArtHAUS is an exhibition at London’s Vyner Street by DegreeArt, in their Execution Room. It is running from May 3rd – June 30th 2012. Curated By: DegreeArt & Ryan Lanji, who talk to me on camera during my exploration of the space (watch at the end of the post). Designed By: DegreeArt, James Fuller, Karen Storey, Ryan Lanji.

This exhibition shows works by 25 artists and other collaborators, I’ll mention a few that really stood out for me. In the kitchen, I was impressed by Louise McNaught’s paintings on food packaging as well as Jana Emburey’s egg shell sculpture. In bedroom I had a close look at the works by Yuki Aruga and Chantall Powels’ wall pieces. Living room intrigued me with the wall painting installation and quirky objects by Darren Macpherson and Nicola Anthony’s sliced bank notes caught my eye too. Not forgetting the dining room and GonnyVan Hulst’s sheep heads set as meals on the table, and another wall painting installation by Tahnee Lonsdale. My favourite room was, maybe unexpended for you, the bathroom! The pieces by Janina Holloway, Myung Nam An and Claire Jackson made my day.

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See for yourself how it makes you feel in the video or even better, visit the space and create your own art house in your castle.

For more information about ArtHAUS or DegreeArt visit the website

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Our OCCCA show “London Calling”  in California was officially opened last night (21.12 – 12.1). The reception I hear was fantastic. I’m so pleased! And now you can see the 3D virtual tour view of it by clicking here. My “New Golden Seed” is sitting next to the entrance, almost hovering above the floor, floating happily. So am I , by the way!

Art works of these artists features in the “London Calling”  – Abigail BoxAgnetha Sjogren, Azadeh FatehradBeth NicholasCarlos Martyn BurgosChantal PowellDarren MacPhersonKaterina StavrouKaterina JamesKimi WyldeHenry WoodJoe CruzLloyd DurlingLyndsay MartinMasa SuzukiNicola AnthonyRachel NobleRosie EmersonRobert WestSenghye YangSilvia KrupinskaSylvia MorgadoSun Ae KimTinsel EdwardsTahnee LonsdaleTwinkle TroughtonVictoria HealdVikram Kushwah

I talked to the artists during the opening night of The Other Art Fair. The atmosphere was fantastic and the quality of the works was exceptional. See what you think!

Access the whole playlist by clicking here

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Patrick St Pauls' art at The Other Art Fair 2011

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