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It’s coming to the end of the year, and I can’t believe it’s going so fast! I’ve decided to do a yearly post of my channel’s most viewed videos. here the list comes, enjoy…

1. Silvia Krupinska talking to artist Carne Griffiths at Debut Contemporary, 25.2.12.


2. Silvia Krupinska in ‘Czechin’ London’ documentary film (SK), 2010


3. Textures of Salt and Oil paintings, Homage to Lichens series, 2012.


4. Salt oil painting experiments in my studio, part I.


5. Silvia Krupinska talking to artist Rosie Emerson at The Other Art Fair 2011.


I’d like to say a big thank you to Rosie Emerson and Carne Griffiths! Thanks to you all for your ongoing support and I’m looking forward to making more artists’ interviews!

I’m looking forward to giving my presentation as an alumni of Debut Contemporary at this cool event along with other Debut Contemporary artists. Book your seat, if you’d like to come at

Artist Agnetha Sjogren, I and others snapped while we were having fun at the first birthday party of Debut Contemporary gallery in Notting Hill. Fun, fun, fun!

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This interview took place in Notting Hill’s gallery Debut Contemporary, during a Saturday Debut event – EDEN Preview — Painting in Tea, 25th Feb. To visit Carne Griffiths’ website go to

A quick video card to introduce the Pop-up shop at Debut Contemporary Gallery in London. You can buy original art £99 each in support of our OCCCA museum show in LA. Thanks very much for your continuing support!
Visit us on Sunday, and with all purchases receive a surprise prize! Presents donated by local shops and framing done by One Stop Frames.


An exciting Pop-Up Shop will take place for one weekend only (10th-11th December) at Debut Contemporary gallery on Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill.

Each of the original works will be sold at £99 & will be generously framed free of charge by our sponsor One Stop Frames. I’ve made especially for the event these two artworks.


Arrive early to get your hands on some fantastic pieces. Enjoy what you see, & think about your friends & family who would love to have an original piece of artwork. Any additional donations are welcome. The artists will appreciate your invaluable support for their cause. All the raised funds will be used towards the OCCCA museum exhibition called London Calling, in Santa Ana, LA.

I was waiting for the last two weeks to find out, which art work the curators chose for the London Calling exhibition in OCCCA museum in Santa Ana coming this Christmas time. The day came, and I’m delighted to send my New Golden Seed off. This wall sculpture is made from mixed materials including artificial and real human hair, cement, wood, glue and paint. It is in line with the Hair Series – Hair and Dust Painting was the first of the series, followed by adventurous New Golden Seed and The Red Seed.

Silvia Krupinska_New Golden Seed_2010_mixed media_120 cm

In order to ship the works and possibly get our selves over to LA, we (selected Debut artists) decided to announce a set of  fundraising events not only online but also in Debut Contemporary, Notting Hill. For a limited time only, offer can be withdrawn at any time, we are going to offer art for very reduced prices. I’m personally donating my newest study, Organic Golf Balls, reduced to extremely good price of only £100! After the event, the price will go back to £300. If you were thinking of buying a piece of work already, this might be the prefect moment to start your collection of my work. Please click here to buy and see the other works. I’m looking forward to your feedback and I’ll write to you soon.  Best, Silvia.

Link to the fundraising site.


Silvia Krupinska, Organic Golf Balls, 2011, 26cm, golf balls, plaster, wood, recycled paper pulp

Silvia Krupinska, Organic Golf Balls, detail

My sculpture on the plinth, “Cube and Blob” 2009, guarded by dog sculptures by Agnetha Sjogren, during November Private View at Debut Contemporary.



I’m happy to say I’ve been chosen to show my work at this amazing exhibition in America.

The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art showcases emerging British artists represented by the London Gallery, Debut Contemporary, located in Notting Hill.

Their roster of artists reads like a who’s who of the young, UK art scene, including Rosie Emerson, Tahnee Lonsdale, and Agnetha Sjogren.

Works by these and other collectible artists will be available for sale at OCCCA. The founders of Debut Contemporary are husband and wife duo, Samir Ceric and Zoe Knight, named by the British press as, “one of UK’s most powerful couples in art and fashion.”

Orange County Centre for Contemporary Art
Santa Ana California
United States

Mirroring 02, Copyright Silvia Krupinska


Mirroring 01, Copyright Silvia Krupinska


I would like to write today about one of the best, if not the best private view I’ve experienced. Why and what happened? I’ve decided to approach talking with people during the event in a different way, and combine that with gaining  my skills as an interviewer. What for? I’ve been given my own show on Colourful Radio! Becoming their artist in residence will give me a chance to report and portray  monthly, an artist of my choice. My slot is going to be 20 minutes and will be running during  “Art, culture and life with Rosemary Laryea“. The first show is already on, on October 2oth, at 12.0o. I’ll be portraying the winner of New Sensation Artist, Saatchi Gallery’s and Channel 4’s competition. There are 4 finalists, and the winner will be revealed tomorrow, October 8th. I need every chance to practice, I can get! That’s why October’s Private View at Debut Contemporary,  was so useful. Nigel from Flixels gave me a microphone, and he’d been recording the variation of dialogues, interviews of the night. Dropping just a few examples, I talked to at least a dozen of artists, photographers,  even a couple of politicians and an icon of British photography, Mr Angelo Valentino. Yes, I got to talk with him, and we had a very interesting discussion about current art scene and future of film, music and photography in ever changing digitalized world. Now I just have to get the files from Nigel from Flixels and try to listen, whether it all worked. I’ll bring another blog article fully dedicated to it, once I have a better idea of what I have, and what sort of quality it came out. I’m already so looking forward to it!  Until next time, have a good day and all the best to you all.  Silvia

Debut Contemporary, October Private View, Biddy Hodgkinson and Silvia Krupinska (source Debut Contemporary).

Debut Contemporary, October Private View, Silvia Krupinska, Hideyuki Shoji and Henry Wood. (source Debut Contemporary)

Grape Extraction Sculpture and plasticine balls, installation idea for Organicities.

As Organicities approaches in 2 weeks I’m considering how to refresh the installation of my sculptures, especially those that are longing their “natural” environment. To be more specific, I’m talking about “From the Bottom of the Sea Sculptures“. To  make it feel more comfortable, and “like at home” I’m having a go at testing it’s unfinished cousin, plaster ball, immersed in water. There might be even special guests joining, it would be VIF to be precise. To find out more about them, pop in to Debut Contemporary on Saturday15th October 12-5. If you would like to read the press release click here, or for e-flyer click here.

Experiments with the installation of From the Bottom of the Sea Sculpture.

Testing of an unfinished plaster ball in water, is making me think that VIF guests will be coming in! You'll be sure to find out their names on 15.10.11, in Debut Contemporary.

Please join me at my charity event, I’ll be showing my sculptures and presenting latest work, drawing called “Skinny Fly, Krupinskus Redulus Armonus” and it’s short story attached with a voice over. The wings of the fly are made from my own skin. This work is created in collaboration with Jennifer Farmer. There’ll be more art to see from various Artists, collective of Debut Contemporary.

At 1.30 I’ll give a talk about my art and I explain my reasons behind the event.
At 3 o’clock I’ll do a Grape Extraction Technique presentation on a brand new sculpture.

This event is in aid of Skin Cancer Research UK Charity, and we’re going to try to achieve £1000 target. I’ll be donating part from all sales.
This event is work in progress for now, watch out for new grabbing info soon.
Press release will be available on request on, or – site with my portfolio – super hot news! Doesn’t burn, unlike my skin…

Silvia Krupinska, Skinny Fly 2011


I had a really productive lunch today in the company of talented Coffee (Jennifer Farmer) from Coffee and Sponge duo. We were discussing our latest projects and possible future collaboration, at the same time talking about not only the fruit flies bothering us, but also my latest artwork, A Skinny Fly 2011. As it is a bit of a secret, can’t reveal more but what I can tell you is, that my upcoming event in  Debut Contemporary on Saturday 15th October, 12-5, so called – “Saturday Debut” should be interesting. Keep the date free and pop in before or after  the Frieze Art Fair on Saturday. More details to follow in a week or two.

Lunching while studying a book of flies and chatting away with Jennifer.

Please join our VIP private view at Debut Contemporary  at 82 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London, W2 5RT on Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 . I’d love to meet and have a chat with you there. Please let me know so I can put you on the guest list. Thanks and see you with a smile.



My debut at Debut Contemporary is coming. I’ll become one of their artists from this September. Join us for the VIP private view in this dynamic atmosphere of lively Notting Hill, Westbourne Grove. See more at

Debut Contemporary, My Yellow Moon Transition 2011 in the window.

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