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9 of Unit 3 Projects artists have done a residency in London’s DegreeArt called In All Directions, which finished in mid-May 2013. I’m very pleased how the residency turned out. The truth is, it seemed ages ago now, as I’d finished another project already titled Origins in Unit 3 Projects. The magazine deserves a blog post too, so here we go. Enjoy flicking the slick pages.

Please look through the magazine on this link. It is really nicely done! Thanks so much DegreeArt.  My artwork has been featured on pages 7, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 71, 75, and 81.

DegreeArt mag Snap, page 67, press

DegreeArt mag Snap, page 61,62 press

DegreeArt magazine, p. 6,7 press

snap face in sand


Click to view them here – and follow #DAresidency #InAllDirections for more on twitter.

4. Silvia Krupinska, Sea Eye and Black Lakes, High Tatras, Poland, 2013_detail


2. Silvia Krupinska, Mapa Plies VysokychTatier, Slovensko_Mountain Lake Map High Tatras, Slovakia, 2013_detail


5. Silvia Krupinska, Zelene Kacacie Pleso, Vysoke Tatry, Slovensko_Green Duck Lake, Hight Tatras, Slovakia, 2013


8. Silvia Krupinska, Zmrzle pleso, VysokeTatry, Slovensko_Frozen Lake, High Tatras, Slovakia, 2013_detail


© Silvia Krupinska 2013

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