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Hello. I’ve been thinking how often one can get lost in contemporary art and its meanings. I for this reason for the first time have written an open ‘confession’ of what inspired me and drove me to make the new abalone sculptures, drawings, call them what you want. With my ‘heart on the text’ I give you this statement about my recent series. All of the pieces are available on website under Unit 3 Projects profile. Click away. Thanks.

During the DegreeArt residency ‘In All Directions’, I’ve focused and challenged myself to use another kind of natural material – abalone shells and their mother of pearl. I’m an organic sculptor; I thrive on challenges like these! I picked these shells for a specific reason. I’ve done a research into what kind of shells there are and how they can be sustainably sourced. I use broken recycled abalone shells and my supplier has the Trade in Endangered Species licence (CITES). It is very important to me and I believe as an artist I have a responsibility to the environment.

Silvia Krupinska, Frozen Lake, High Tatras, Slovakia, 2013_detail

Silvia Krupinska, Frozen Lake, High Tatras, Slovakia, 2013_detail

The new works of ‘Mountain Lakes’ are personal works that relate to the place where I was born in Slovakia, The High Tatras Mountains (Those are split on the north with Poland too). I felt I needed to share part of my belonging, the shapes of snowy peaks and nature I could see every day from my window that influenced me hugely. All this might have contributed that I became a sculptor!
The abalone shells also link my previous sculptural series ‘From the Bottom of the Sea’ and ‘Pearl’ series to the new ‘Mountain Lakes’ series. I consider abalone beautiful as they are, and incorporating them in my works was always going to be something I was going to be very careful about. The way around it was to forget about their preciousness and look at them purely as a sculpting material. Having previously crashed pearls and shells for sculpting, I found this worked this time too, and I could use the mother of pearl contained in abalone shells, including the varied textures and colours.
I used a map of the High Tatras Mountains and I lifted the shapes of mountain lakes out (plesa in Slovak). There are various myths and legends connected to the lakes, those helped me to decide which ones I’d like to enlarge and fill in with mother of pearl. For example ‘Green Duck Lake’ (Zelene Kacacie Pleso) has a myth of a mesmerising white duck laying a golden egg nearby it each Easter; yet no brave man was able to bring it home. Apparently they turned into a rock on contact with the egg!
I’ll return to abalone once again, as one aspect of it I haven’t explained yet. All shells are grittier and rougher on the outside and the inside of the shell that is in direct contact with the animal, the snail that lives in it, is very smooth and often shiny, containing mother of pearl. The inner side, normally considered by people as more attractive side is while the animal is alive, hidden away. The inner beauty is tucked away from us. I’ll compare it to humans now, as good comes within from our hearts us people, doesn’t matter about the outside shell…I self-reflect and have abalone to represent me, us people, as a gesture, adding second personal level to my work, apart from the geographical aspect.

Silvia Krupinska, Green Duck Lake, Hight Tatras, Slovakia, 2013

Silvia Krupinska, Green Duck Lake, Hight Tatras, Slovakia, 2013

The viewer has a power to a certain extend to change the works, by the reflective surface picking up the colours around it and slightly changing their colour depending. The levels of the light make the artworks change too – they become more ‘sparkly’ with lots of light or colourful and calmer in more shady spot.
These new pieces move between of mediums of sculpture and drawing. Ultimately they are sculptures.

You can see my ‘Mountain Lake’ series and my fellow artists works already starting on Tuesday, 23rd of April at DegreeArt gallery at Vyner street, London. Read more here. I hope to see you there. The show is on till May 5th, 2013. Thank you!

Us at Unit 3 Projects In All Directions Residency at DegreeArt

24 March – 05 May

10 diverse artists from Unit 3 Projects (I’m happy including  myself) will work with, beside, around and against one another in DegreeArt’s ‘The Execution Room’ in order to engage themselves and you in an experimental and haphazard creative conversation. Taking ‘gesture’ as its central theme, In All Directions is a celebration of possibility, exchange and risk.

The residency will see the exhibition space transformed into an artist studio with an active and engaging atmosphere. Open daily 12-6 pm for visitors to come and see work being conceived of, made and discussed.

Photo (left to right): Pamela CarrHenry ByrneSilvia KrupinskaLuis Ignacio Rodriguez, Jennifer FarmerHormazd NarielwallaSamuel Overington and Abigail Box. (MIA: Flavius Alagrius and John Appleton)

Twitter: @DegreeArt #InAllDirections #DAresidency #Unit3Projects | | | Instagram: DegreeArt | | Video: Interviews | Press Release: PDF
Thu 04 Apr First Thursdays 6-9 pm
Sat 20 Apr Showing: Drawing and Contact Improvisation 2-3 pm
Sat 20 Apr “In conversation with…” : You, The Artist, Their Work, A Recording Device
Tue 23 Apr Exhibition opening with Pecka Kucha talks 6-9 pm
Sat 27 Apr Sharpen My Pencil life drawing salon with Coffee+Sponge 6:30-9 pm £8 RSVP
Sun 28 Apr Workshop: Pen Nor Paper 5-7pm £8 RSVP
Thu 02 May First Thursdays 6-9 pm
Sat 04 May But What Kind Of Art 7-9 pm



I want to say a big Thank you to LivePozitive. They sponsored me and are supporting me all the way. I answered some questions for them in this interview. And another article as my work progresses is here.





Kitchen at ArtHAUS, DegreeArt, 2012, 07

I visited one of those shows, which makes you think about the set up of a gallery, curating of the artworks and at the same time, is so inviting that I felt like staying for a while just sitting on one of the sofas or at the kitchen table enjoying the art.

Unique ArtHAUS is an exhibition at London’s Vyner Street by DegreeArt, in their Execution Room. It is running from May 3rd – June 30th 2012. Curated By: DegreeArt & Ryan Lanji, who talk to me on camera during my exploration of the space (watch at the end of the post). Designed By: DegreeArt, James Fuller, Karen Storey, Ryan Lanji.

This exhibition shows works by 25 artists and other collaborators, I’ll mention a few that really stood out for me. In the kitchen, I was impressed by Louise McNaught’s paintings on food packaging as well as Jana Emburey’s egg shell sculpture. In bedroom I had a close look at the works by Yuki Aruga and Chantall Powels’ wall pieces. Living room intrigued me with the wall painting installation and quirky objects by Darren Macpherson and Nicola Anthony’s sliced bank notes caught my eye too. Not forgetting the dining room and GonnyVan Hulst’s sheep heads set as meals on the table, and another wall painting installation by Tahnee Lonsdale. My favourite room was, maybe unexpended for you, the bathroom! The pieces by Janina Holloway, Myung Nam An and Claire Jackson made my day.

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See for yourself how it makes you feel in the video or even better, visit the space and create your own art house in your castle.

For more information about ArtHAUS or DegreeArt visit the website

Thanks for reading!

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