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I would like to share some exciting news with you again, my dear readers. I’m a part of a collective of creative souls, called Fabelist. This platform acts as a support mechanism for sharing ideas, projects and much more.  You can watch this video, where Francesca Goodwin from Fabelist talks about what Fabelist represents.

This May, Fabelist is taking part in The Other Art Fair, 10-13th May 2012, P3 Ambika on Marylebone Road, London, NW1. This new dynamic art fair started last year. It offers to unrepresented artists to shine, show and sell directly, without any gallery fees, to collectors, galleries and public. It all started already with a pre-fair party at Boxpark in Shoreditch on 3rd May. If you missed it, you can see this short video, where I talked to artist Pernilla Iggstrom during the event and more.

Some ‘Fabelisters‘ will be showing their remarkable art in their stands, and there are many interesting projects happening during the fair too, all part of Fabelist Market Place. It offers so much, starting with Edible Art Movement (which I introduced previously here), to ‘Meet the artists’ sessions and master-classes by the artists, there is so much happening! Make sure to check-out the Fabelist Market Place link for the full programme.

As you might have guessed from the post title, I’ll be sharing my ‘Grape extraction’ technique during the fair at the Fabelist Market Place on Sunday, 13th May at midday. Come to observe or try for yourself, how I made my ‘From the Bottom of the Sea’ sculptures. This Master-class session is for one hour only, so plan you day accordingly, if you’re interested. Find me by this ‘Organic Table’, which I approached like an installation itself. I’m really looking forward to it! If you’re not sure what  ‘Grape extraction’ is, you can watch a short video from the time when I discovered the technique. (Find the video under the ‘Organic Table’.)

Another tip for you, while visiting The Other Art Fair! Stop by the FAD OFFICE as well! My friends, extraordinary artists –  Coffee+Sponge duo will be presenting on Friday, 11th May at 16.55 as part of Fabelist presentation by Francesca Goodwin (her presentation starts at 4.30pm) and then Coffee&Sponge will be running off to perform at Art Macabre/Cass Art’s life drawing salon for 18.00, which is going to be I’m sure a unique one!

I hope to see you there! Email me if you’d like to come to any of these events, and I can send you your free ticket! Cheers.

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