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When I was a girl my younger brother Lubko was in nursery and I would often stay with my grand mother Alzbeta, while our parents were at work . There was a small garden under my granny’s window. I had a lovely time playing in there, picking small flowers and petals. I’d hide them in my secret hiding place, and once the plants were dried and flattened, I’d create petal ladies. Some of the petal dolls were made from freshly picked flowers too. Sometimes I was lucky, and was allowed to pick large ones like tulip tops! This idea and nostalgia are driving my new research into new works. Without revealing any more, I’ve an image for you.

© Silvia Krupinska 2014, All rights reserved.

© Silvia Krupinska 2014, All rights reserved.

I’ve just returned from a short but very productive stay in Slovakia. Apart from a lovely family occasion, my cousin’s wedding, I’ve been busy working on a new collaboration with Poprad Museum, I’ve also met Kris from LivePozitive oz. and did a mini workshop in Creative Mapping and Cartography in Centrum Pod Lesom in The High Tatras.

I want to write one or two blog posts inspired by my stay in Poprad. But for now, an image of some work in progress. Once the series is finished, it will become a part in the permanent collection within the ‘Neanderthal Room’ in above mentioned, Poprad Museum. More to be revealed soon.

Work in progress. 'Herbar from Ganovce' 2014

Work in progress. ‘Herbar from Ganovce’ 2014

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