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Organic Golf Balls is my new sculpture measuring up to 26 cm across on a wooden board, made with golf balls. This sculpture is from a series of my Ball Sculptures, including The Moon Sculptures made with tennis balls adding up to over 200 in total.

Silvia Krupinska, Organic Golf Balls, detail

S.Krupinska, Green Moon Transition sculpture, detail, Margate, 16.4.2011

S. Krupinska, Red Moon Transition, Margate, 16.4.2011, 05

Silvia Krupinska

S.Krupinska, Work in Progress 08, 17.3.2011

I was waiting for the last two weeks to find out, which art work the curators chose for the London Calling exhibition in OCCCA museum in Santa Ana coming this Christmas time. The day came, and I’m delighted to send my New Golden Seed off. This wall sculpture is made from mixed materials including artificial and real human hair, cement, wood, glue and paint. It is in line with the Hair Series – Hair and Dust Painting was the first of the series, followed by adventurous New Golden Seed and The Red Seed.

Silvia Krupinska_New Golden Seed_2010_mixed media_120 cm

In order to ship the works and possibly get our selves over to LA, we (selected Debut artists) decided to announce a set of  fundraising events not only online but also in Debut Contemporary, Notting Hill. For a limited time only, offer can be withdrawn at any time, we are going to offer art for very reduced prices. I’m personally donating my newest study, Organic Golf Balls, reduced to extremely good price of only £100! After the event, the price will go back to £300. If you were thinking of buying a piece of work already, this might be the prefect moment to start your collection of my work. Please click here to buy and see the other works. I’m looking forward to your feedback and I’ll write to you soon.  Best, Silvia.

Link to the fundraising site.


Silvia Krupinska, Organic Golf Balls, 2011, 26cm, golf balls, plaster, wood, recycled paper pulp

Silvia Krupinska, Organic Golf Balls, detail

Dear friends. I’m tempted to show you my new sculpture, which is part of my ongoing exploration of sports balls as sculpting materials. However I’ll hold on to that yet, and share this image of my first ever opened golf ball, which turned out to be pink inside! If you would like to see my organic golf ball sculpture, please read on this invite:

You are warmly invited to our “Open Studio Weekend” and an exhibition “Aggregate” on Friday evening, Nov 4th, and Saturday Nov 5th, 12-5, at ASC Studios Unit 3, Bow E3 3LT. Apart from the general refreshments, I’ll be serving snacks, good atmosphere and lots of news. This will be a unique chance to buy directly from my studio, and all sales will go towards shipping of my art and possibly myself to “London Calling” show in LA, OCCCA over Christmas! I look forward to your visit! Cheers.

My new sculpting material, 120 golf balls. And the number is you have any spare?

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