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Hello dear followers. This post is from the series of self reflecting and informative posts about my practice and inspirations. Every-now-and-then, I think about how I am as an artists, what has changed and as well as for me but also for my audience, I write down my thoughts. I’ve written about my love of nature and organics in the previous post in this series, Sharing the transition – My love of textures and making is stronger than ever. Today, I’m going to write about my new jewellery brand KAJ – Krupinska Abalone Jewellery. 


My creative practice has expanded, when I realized how much I enjoyed making the abalone pendants. I had this kind of material from previous experiments in organic sculpture and drawing. I wrote about it during my residency in March 2013 with Unit 3 Projects artists in DegreeArt in Vyner Street, London. The article is explaining where my ideas at the time came from, about the ethics of my materials and about inspirations for my Mountain Lakes series. The artworks described in the article were also exhibited after the residency in DegreeArt Gallery with 8 other Unit 3 Projects artists’ works, but further on (expanded) in my solo exhibition in Oct. 2013 – Plesa a Fragmenty in Poprad, Slovakia, supported by LivePozitive os.

I have branded my art practice as Organic Sculpture and Art, and KAJ is a  more design lead streak in this direction, with also originals and limited editions, but more accessible to anyone wishing to have a piece of organic sculpture, in wearable form. I named KAJ inspired partly on my name and abalone, and partly inspired by a story I used to listen to on the radio or LP, The Snow Queen by H. Ch. Andersen. The boy whose name I admired was called Kaj, the best friend of Gerda. (Listen in Slovak to the story here.) Now I have over 32 KAJ pieces of jewellery listed in my online store krupinskart, along with 20+ of my organic sculptures, prints and other art. (Some works are only available directly from my studio, not listed anywhere. Enquire within.)


I was a bit worried at the beginning I started to make KAJ that it would affect my art and how people would see my artworks, whether I should totally separate it from my art. But now I feel good about it, and my worries are gone, as I feel it made me stronger in my art practice. I’m honest to what I like to make and stand for, and I no longer worry that it will be distracting to me and my audience. I’ve had some great feedback from my collectors of KAJ and collectors of my art and I feel encouraged by it. After my limited edition of 50 abalone pendants if finished, I’m planning to introduce another fairy-tale inspired name of GERDA pieces. But that’s a bit ahead of us, and you’ll here about it later.

Finally I’d like to thank you for learning about my art and following my blog, and if you have anything to say about how you feel I present my work, how I talk and write about it or any feedback you might have, good or bad, I’m happy to read any constructive criticism. I’m aware I’ve plenty to learn, and become better practitioner. Enjoy the spring and lots of love.




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