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A year ago Mira Varg and I created a sculpture for Embassy of the Slovak Republic in London. This post from earlier describes it. On Monday 11 May a very interesting invitation arrived from the same Embassy. Artists Mira Varg, Mandy Hreus and I, all taking MA Art and Science and Slovakian, were invited to exhibit there, with a little over a week till the opening! How could we refuse such a challenge? Those had been amongst the most exciting days this year for me. The planning, the install of the show has given us a pretty good boost and practice for approaching Unfolding Realities degree show in May.

One country three worlds flyer 1200px

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One Country Three Worlds (20 April–27 May 2016) is an exhibition by three Slovak artists living and creating in the UK. Hreus, Krupinska and Varg met while studying for their MA in Art & Science at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and show their work at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic for the first time, while simultaneously preparing for their degree show in May. One Country Three Worlds is a celebration of three different interpretations of the world by three creative minds originating from the same country – Slovakia.

While embracing their differences, the three artists have something in common. They are intrigued by the individual and collective perception and experience of our surroundings. Varg is reflecting on variations of realities and how we humanly observe them, Krupinska is focusing on the texture of landscape and hidden places, and Hreus is investigating the visible and invisible electromagnetic spectrum in relation to consciousness and pure expansive awareness. These interpretations unfold in a palette of media, ranging from photography, print to sculpture and installation.”

DATES: Wed 20th April – Fri 27th May 2016
LOCATION: Embassy of Slovakia, 25 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QY
OPENING TIMES: Monday–Friday 13:00–15:00| 25–27 May extended 9:00–15:00, 20 May closed due to an event taking place.




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In olden days, on the last day of April, young unmarried men would raise Maypoles in front of their girlfriends’ houses. If they did this in the 15th century in Germany, it would be considered a law-binding marrying agreement! Thankfully these days the tradition is only an excuse to meet and dance together to celebrate the arrival of spring and female beauty. Many nations have this tradition of elevating a young tree on a long wooden pole, decorated with many colourful ribbons. Check out some great international examples of Maypoles by country. But did you know artists have been making art inspired by maypoles? This tag shows some examples.


May Installation on 10 trees in Empson street E3, London. 22 May 2013

When the ribbons from my outdoor May Installation (above) were stolen in 2013, I knew I wanted to revisit this topic again. A perfect opportunity has arrived. Mira Varg and I (both studying at UAL – CSM, MA Art and Science and are Slovak) proposed to make a May sculpture for a Student May Ball in the Embassy Of the Slovak Republic in London. We were both delighted when the Embassy liked the idea. We enjoyed our collaboration a lot!

Maypole sculpture 2015 06

Maypole sculpture 2015 03

Maypole sculpture 2015 01

Maypole sculpture 2015 04

We’d like to thank The Embassy Of the Slovak Republic and The Embassy of The Czech Republic for this year’s Students May Ball, which happened last night. So many amazing people turned up, lots of beer was consumed and much traditional food was eaten! And I think I speak for all that attended when I say, we had a great time! I’ll finish off with these images of folk dancing by Morena Dance Company below. Thanks for reading this post and I hope to see you maybe during one of the future events in the Embassy. Take care. S.

Studentsky majales 2015 01 Studentsky majales 2015 02 Studentsky majales 2015 03 Studentsky majales 2015 04

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