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I love growing flowers and anything that would grow on my balcony. But this post isn’t about an ordinary plant, it’s a “Plant Transplant” I want to show you. It began on my research trip in Slovakia, where we visited a famous site in Hradok – Ganovce near Poprad. The Stonemason Koloman Koki found an endocranium (skull segment filled with travertine) in 1926. The skull supposedly belonged to a Neanderthal female, whom I’m guessing, was drinking from a mineral spring and fell into the well or some kind of a mini cave below, poisoned by the gases, never recovered from the fall and died there. The minerals fossilized and preserved her body, which was never found but the only travertine segment. (Ref. Exhibition catalogue Ganovce – The Neanderthal Man and his Living Environment, Podtatranske Muzeum Poprad, 2009)


Plant-transplant-in-SK Above: The samples found around the Hradok – Ganovce site, then in SLovakia waiting to fly to the UK.

Plant-transplant-UK Above: Transplanted plants growing in London – June 2014.

During my visit of the site in spring 2014, I’ve taken some plant samples which are a part of the research and exploration of the Neanderthal topic, in collaboration with Podtatranske Muzeum Poprad. To my delight, I was able to bring the samples to the UK and grow them in a planter on my balcony. This Plant Transplant is work in progress and I’m looking forward to bringing you more about it later.

Until next time, have a great summer!



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