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The give-away now ended and I’m certainly going to continue this new tradition in the near future, so if you missed it this time, don’t worry! I’m sending the artworks to eight of you in Canada, America and Europe. I’m so pleased with the input I received, thank you ever so much dear followers! Artist Joanna Rose Tidey also contributed with her landscape descriptions, and this is what she said about Organic Art Give-away:

“So happy that I will be receiving one of Silvia Krupinska’s pieces in the post!!! Am such a fan of her work! Find such a connection with her organic pieces, her thoughtfulness of her work. A piece that is made from abalone shell, something I carry around my neck every day for the past 6-7 years. Her work is sensitive to the materials sourced- if you haven’t had a peek at her work bows a chance to”


This is how it started:

My art has a lot to do with different landscapes that I lived near by, visited or that in other way influenced me. Email me on with a short paragraph of how and which landscape had an effect on you whatever country you live in, possibly which one you’d love to visit and in 4 weeks I’ll pick 8 people to whom I will post special signed artworks I’ll make for them on a white tag. (Feel free to include an image in your email and put ‘Landscapes’ in the subject line. Remember to include your postal address too.) Who will receive ‘Heavy Mountain Lake’ in post from me?

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Silvia Krupinska, Tazke Pleso 2013 _Heavy Mountain Lake 2013. Abalone on white tag.

Silvia Krupinska, Tazke Pleso 2013 _Heavy Mountain Lake 2013. Abalone on white tag.




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