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Let me introduce to you my new ‘Trochus Pearl Sculpture’ 2012, 6 cm across, made from plaster-de-paris and trochus shell mother-of-pearl. This piece finalizes the series of ‘Pearl Sculptures’ and will be shown in my future group shows coming up in December. To see the details of these, please click on ‘Next Exhibition’ page here, which takes you to my website. To commission your own sculpture or enquire about anything else, leave your comment below or email my studio on Thank you.

Trochus Pearl sculpture, 2012, © Silvia Krupinska



Trochus Pearl sculpture, 2012, © Silvia Krupinska

This is my smallest plaster sculpture to date (6 cm across). Work in progress.

                                                                      © Silvia Krupinska


Thrilled to show at great The Stone Space gallery with other local artists.This group exhibition is called One Day’s Walk Leytonstone and is running from 21st June – 8th July, Private view from 7pm on Thursday 21st June. There will be cards accompanying the show of each artist’s work, those are available to purchase, as well as all the art of course!

For location and opening times and days please visit the gallery’s page

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The strength of London art scene and its richness is one of the reasons why I settled exactly here. You can see a new show almost every day of the year. You can go to West, North, South London to see artists from across the globe. Today I actually want to write about the art scene in East London, where one of the busiest “gallery streets” is located. Of course it is The Vyner Street. Vyner Street is a place where in one night, you can visit four, five, six or even seven new shows! If that’s what you are planning to do this special “First Thursday” I’ll be seing you. I’ll be in Cultivate Gallery exhibiting in a group show called “It’s Green.” Here is a facebook event with details.




The exhibition will be opening at 6pm on First Thursday, March 1st, and then running through to March 14th. Cultivate is open Thursday through to Sunday, 11.30am until 6pm (or by appointment).

Here is a pre-view of my sculpture, installed in the space differently but in the same spirit. “Green Moon Transition” sculpture made from recycled tennis balls:

S. Krupinska, Green Moon Transition, Margate, 16.4.2011, 04

S.Krupinska, Green Moon Transition sculpture, detail, Margate, 16.4.2011

S.Krupinska, Green Moon Transition sculpture, detail, Margate, 16.4.2011, 05

I hope you can come. See you there! Silvia.

The exhibition season is picking up nicely this coming week. I’m very excited about two events in particular. London Art Fair will start  from 18-22 January 2012, with a preview evening on 17th. It is always refreshing to see the variety and talent London Art Fair has to offer. I’ll be reporting more on it during or once I visit it. Here is a link to their website for tickets and more

I’d like to share my excitement about the second event this coming week, which I’ll be attending. It is the exhibition called “Fly to Baku” in Phillips de Pury & Company, Howick Place, London SW1P 1BB opens on 18th January and closes on 29th January (click for the exhibition catalogue here). This amazing and unique show is presenting the Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan, featuring 21 Azeri contemporary artists, curated by Hervé Mikaeloff. I had the honour to exhibit with one of the artists presenting his work in “Fly to Baku”  Mr. Mir Nadir Zeynalov. Our roads crossed in the international show in Gabala organized by the SEBA Cultural Exchange Association, which happened in December 2011. This event brought me to Baku for the first time, and admittedly I have decided to return to Azerbaijan as soon as possible. I was impressed with the culture,people’s kindness and their endless generosity. I have also discovered a museum, which is for me the best I’ve ever experienced, with no exaggeration – The Museum of Modern Art in Baku. I’m currently in a dialogue with them about our possible collaboration, however it’s early days for any details to be revealed. I have written a blog article about my experiences in Azerbaijan – “My visit to Azerbaijan” please read it if you like.

I’m pleased that exhibition “Fly to Baku” will give me another opportunity to see some Azeri Art. At least two artists, if not more are exhibiting in the Museum of Modern art in Baku as well. One of them, Altair Sadiqzadeh has his sculptures set in the building, in a form of a staircase, which is in a way heart and soul of the building. The artist where he could avoided the straight lines. See the picture below. I had the pleasure to temporarily install my From the Bottom of the Sea sculpture there, with the images below again. If you would like to hear more about both, the Museum of Modern Art, why not to follow this 15min long tour video taken by me on my visit, and about “Fly to Baku”, I’ll be updating my blog after my visit. Thanks for reading and I might see you there.

My sculpture titled From the Bottom of the Sea on a visit of the Museum of Modern Art in Baku, Dec 2011

Happy New Year dear friends!


Copyright Silvia Krupinska 2011, All rights reserved.

My “From the Bottom of the Sea” sculpture on a beach in Abu Dhabi today. It shared a glass dome with some fish as a sculptural installation. Its sister sculpture visited and stayed in Azerbaijan, Baku. What is their next destination? Happy New Year 2012 and all the best from United Arab Emirates! Silvia

To read a detailed interview with Photographer Jonny Briggs visit this page please. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to NO.1 Jonny Briggs. Thanks.

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