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It’s the time to look at my art practice and rewrite my artist statement. But firstly, very freely, I’d like to share free-handedly this flow of words and ideas with you, my followers. Don’t worry. There won’t be any massive changes. As I grow and learn I gradually realize that the textures I have been relying on and all I love doing, whether it’s sculpting, drawing or even making the KAJ jewellery, all those actions are headed towards one direction. Fully or partially touching on the themes of nature and ecology, geography and history, broadly speaking. My love of textures and making is stronger than ever. I am aware of certain needs I have (not talking of the finance), something that the making alone isn’t covering. I want to stay neutral and non-judgemental in the concepts I use in my art practice, but at the same time mapping out, bringing to attention, describing how I see events, things and our surroundings. Simply bringing these certain issues to visual forms and formats to my audience, presented and translated to my own artistic language – organic sculpture, painting and drawing. Nature and natural forms have always interested me. I want to bring you the issues I care about and I want to make you understand where I (ideologically and geographically) come from.


Silvia Krupinska, Rivers of the Heart, detail, abalone drawing, 2014. All rights reserved.

Silvia Krupinska, Rivers of the Heart, detail, abalone drawing, 2014.                          All rights reserved.


I need to come out of the ‘cloud’ and be more specific what I’m trying to say. I can do that using a strong example of what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. To be precise, nothing happened to me, but I read a news article about one river that is special to me. River Poprad, in the town (Poprad, Slovakia) where I was born. As if a member of my family died, I read the story with tears in my eyes. The River Poprad was let down. We as its carers and community, we let it down. It had been poisoned! Cyanide penetrated the river and killed all alive in it including some vegetation running along vast 5-7 km. It will take at least 5 years for the river to ‘come back’ to its normality, I’ve learnt from the internet. The poison appeared in the river in the industrial Matejovce near Poprad all the way to and a bit beyond Kezmarok. This incident/crime is one of the reasons why I’m consciously going to focus, zoom in and explore effects of mankind on the planet. I now make the themes of water (lakes, rivers, sea and its shores, ice) as my main source of inspiration.


Detail with Velke Hincovo pleso and River Poprad, abalone drawing. Working title 'Birth of Rieka Poprad'. With ten mountain lakes and four rivers. © Silvia Krupinska 2014

Detail with Velke Hincovo pleso and River Poprad, abalone drawing. Working title ‘Birth of Rieka Poprad’. With ten mountain lakes and four rivers.
© Silvia Krupinska 2014


I’m planning and developing an important solo exhibition in the Slovak Embassy in London for the next year (April 2015). I’m writing this unofficially, I need to secure the finance and pin down my sponsors and grants first. The theme of the show will be ‘Water’ – the essence of life and wellbeing. As these large projects come, I feel this need to pull my ideas, myself together. Hence maybe the focus in my art has been shifting from only making, enjoying and sharing my creations to also adding stronger conceptual message to them – with the ecological undertone.

I think these four paragraphs are enough. I hope I clarified my intentions and aims for the future, if not fully than at least partly and I sincerely believe that the coming years are going to be the best so far! On this optimistic note I end my blog post. I can’t thank you enough for reading it and supporting me and my artistic practice by visiting my blog. I need lots more time to think, I need lots more advice to become a better artist I’m today. I would love any feedback, advice you might want to give me. If you feel you would like to support me and my upcoming exhibition in April 2015 (when I turn 35 oh gosh!) then please don’t hesitate to contact me or even have a look at my online store, where I offer some small to medium artworks and KAJ jewellery, or make an appointment to visit my studio to see the works in person. I’d be ever so grateful.

Thank you



I returned from a long holiday in Portugal, which never tires me of its beauty and the inspirational nature and the coast. I want to share with you some research photographs from the Algarve region. Olhao, Faro, Islans of Armona, Farol and Culatra, are a few favourite places these photos come from. I particularly admired the organic salt farms of Ria Formosa, stretching on the ground like rugs, reminding me of lanes of snow in the winter Slovakia. See what you think of my selection of images:

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