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I can’t wait to show my art in Slovakia for the first time, since I moved in London nearly fifteen years ago! I’m doing an exhibition, hopefully one of many to come there, where it all began, where I grew up and my ideas, ideologies and sensibilities began to form. All of this influenced by my amazing family and friends, but also the nature. Having a natural reserve round the corner helped, I guess!? The mountains and meadows I knew so intimately, stayed with me.

The shape of The High Tatras Mountains is captivating and very powerful image. I still see it in my mind so vividly; remembering looking outside of the window. I’m sure that this has influenced me so much, I’ve became a sculptor! I feel it in my bones. Painting itself was no longer enough… I need to create a kind of mass and texture, variation of surfaces and objects; hence I found sculpting more fulfilling. It is my inner artistic need.

And you know what they say? …

You can take the girl out of the mountains, but you can’t take the mountains out of the girl!   


Please join me if you can at Foyer Domu Kultúry (Culture House), Štefánikova 99/72, 058 01 Poprad – for my show Mountain Lakes and Fragments from       8. – 15. October 2013, during XXI. International Mountain Film Festival. You can read more as the articles are pouring in (aren’t I lucky and happy!), on Livepozitive website, and others. This exhibition is supported and organized by Livepozitive O.N. What a lovely bunch of people, without whom this wouldn’t be possible. I’d like to thank Livepozitive wholeheartedly, and I’m so looking forward to being in Poprad for my exhibition! Bring it on.


What am I going to show in Plesa a Fragmenty show? You can see a variation of art works in four series. They are paintings Homage to Lichens, The Mountain Lakes Series, Installation with Organic Sculptures, and my début set of photographic works, editioned C-type prints – Ria Formosa in Empty Quarter Desert I & II

I’ll be tweeting (@silviakrupinska) and putting some images from the exhibition on Facebook too. Follow the show on #PlesaFragmenty. Thank you for reading. You are great, getting down all the way to the bottom of the post. Whoop, whoop!




This is a sculpture to lighten up this fundraising season and have a bit of a laugh. It dates back to when I was maybe 6-10 years old, back in Slovakia, Poprad. Made from stuff you boil in water, and then it was painted. And after some fun, why not to check out this collaboration. Would you like to help? Do you have any suggestions? Tell us please, leave comment below if you like.

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