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I hope you had a great holiday and the New Years Eve! Have a successful 2012 dear friends. After taking a break in December, this month I’d like to introduce another fantastic artist. I’ve chosen Patrick StPaul. You can listen to the soundtrack from my Colourful Radio slot at the end of this article. Here is a short video intro before I go on writing about my meeting with the artist.

Like I say in the introduction video, I’ve met Patrick StPaul during The Other Art Fair in  London. He was one  of the artists presenting his work at the fair, and I was impressed by his art and his presentation of his stand. He had a number of installations positioned within a box, in a frame, under some glass domes, on a shelf or just by them selves. His work is very capturing and thought provoking. It consists of combinations of animal objects, bones, glass jars and little specimens in them and all of those are tightly connecting with StPaul’s exploration of history, nature and their dialog with the chosen objects. I felt there are many layers to his art, and with those StPaul is telling us a story. He is a sculptor, mixed media artist, story teller and a magician in my view. On the left is an example of one of his works from The Other Art Fair and below is my first interview and meeting with StPaul.

Patrick StPaul is one of those artists you can’t get bored around. His way of describing his art and his creative processes involves a set of interesting stories, often directly about his ancestors such as grandmother or grandfather, who was a pilot. There is a theatrical element in his sculptural installations, which acts as a helping tool to tell a particular story. The atmosphere around Stpaul’s work is often described by a question: Are those real? I can assure you, that yes, they are. My visit of his studio was comparable to a museum of animal skeletons and other peculiar objects. One of my favourites was a stuffed yellow chick! I think you can imagine what I’m trying to say better, after watching this little tour around StPaul’s art studio. Ready?

I think you might have guessed that I admire StPauls work. I’ll be following his career and exhibitions to come, you can do the same by following him on facebook too, or if you haven’t caught his website earlier, check it out here again or read his blog. Before I go today, I have a few images from our meeting to share with you and shortly after the live presentation on Colourful Radio, I’ll update this article with the soundtrack from it. See you soon again and thanks so much for following my blog and my next “Artist of the Month” – Patrick StPaul! All the best. Silvia

A soundtrack from the Colourful Radio from Jan 5th, where I introduced Patrick StPaul live in my monthly “Silvia  Krupinska’s Artist Of the Month”  hosted by fantastic Rosemary Laryea, during her “Life and Culture show”.

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