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This month is for questioning of the mediums I practice. I’m  making brand new works with use of colour and plaster; all this is set on normally a painting base – canvas. However, the painting is transformed into a sculpture! This new object questions its position. It “lives” between the mediums of painting and object art. Today’s piece is No. 2 of the new series of ‘Sculptures on Canvas’. I’d be interested to read, what you think. You can respond to it by commenting in the ‘comment box’ under the post. Thank you and see you soon! (To see the first sculpture on the canvas in the series, click on this link.)



I’ve started a new sculptural-painterly series on canvas. It’s going to be colourful and textural and I’m pleased to show you the first finished piece. What do you think? I’m off to the studio to start another…thanks for watching!


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