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Botany Bay near Margate

Silvia Krupinska, Outdoor instalation at Botany Bay, England, 2012, Copyright S.Krupinska 2012



DREAMING EUROPE – REAL EUROPE in Essen 6.11.- 4.12.2011

It wasn’t that long ago, that I was posting these on my website:

EU–Art–Network commission : I am very pleased to announce I’m currently working towards the EU–Art–Network symposium which will take place in Linz, Austria, between 20th and 30th August. The event is part of the Linz—European Capital of Culture 2009 programme and it will be a very exciting opportunity for artists of all EU countries to come together and produce artworks which will then form an exhibition touring major cities of all those countries for two years. Check back often for news and pictures of this event and my artworks!  26/07/2009

Back from Linz!   I’ve just returned from EU–Art–Network symposium, Linz 09 where I produced two sculptures over 10 days. It was a very intense and exciting experience to work towards the deadline of the opening of the exhibition in Traun City Gallery, just outside Linz. The turnout for the private view surpassed all expectations and one of my sculptures (Cocoon 2) was sold, while the other will be part of the exhibition touring Europe for two years (next stop: Venice!). It was great to meet and work alongside so many excellent European artists and I hope to have the possibility of participating again next year! See my Portfolio and Links pages for photos and more details. 06/09/2009

More exhibitions: Venice and Eisenstadt were the last cities visited by the touring exhibition of EU-Art-Network Symposium, Dreaming Europe – Real Europe, featuring one of my sculptures. In Venice it was part of La Biennale 2009 and took place in the Palazzo Albrizzi between 24th October and 23rd November and in Eisenstadt, capital of Burgenland, Austria, it happened between 29th October and 15th November. More news to follow as the exhibition continues its journey through Europe and I hope to be present at some of the Private Views. 20/11/2009

Today I’m happy to say the exhibition is extended now to another country, Germany. “DREAMING EUROPE – REAL EUROPE” will take place in Essen’s Forum Kunst & Architekur between 6.11.- 4.12.2011 and my “Cocoon I” will be part of it! Please, if you manage to get there, send me some images. I’d be grateful. Thanks and all the best, Silvia.

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My new sculpting material, 120 golf balls. And the number is you have any spare?

What a day it was on Wednesday! I managed to get in to Angela Marmont Centre for Bio Diversity, Natural History Museum, London, which is specialized research centre open to public and professionals, to search, study, identify and talk to experts about anything you can think of from Natural History. Not always booking  recommended. I was in need of seeing  Bombylius Major. I love the name, sounds like a soldier fly, but in fact it is a Bee-Fly. The name might be misleading. It is a fly, that pretends to be a bee! It’s behaviour is fascinating. It lays eggs in bee and wasp nests, it pollinates flowers with it’s elongated nose and it hates cold. It can wrap up it’s wings around to keep warm. So much more to tell, but instead, I present to you, my own photos of the specimen. Cheers and remember, not all that looks like a bee, is a bee! Don’t  kill it.

Bombylius Major - Bee Fly

Angela Marmont Centre for Bio Diversity, Natural History Museum, London

S.Krupinska, Grape extraction sculpture, 22.4.2011 01

S.Krupinska, Grape extraction sculpture, 22.4.2011 01

I became an art surgeon for the day. I was testing what happens when I cast some grapes in plaster. It was coming out easier than the previous materials I used. I didn’t expect to have so much fun excavating it from the setting. Watching it back makes me giggly for some reason. It is disgusting and organically beautiful at the same time.





S.Krupinska, Installation in my studio, 9.3.2011

S.Krupinska, Installation in my studio, 9.3.2011

S.Krupinska, Work in Progress 04, 9.3.2011

S.Krupinska, Work in Progress 04, 9.3.2011

Dear readers and followers. Thank you for your support in 2010 and I’m looking forward to creating many more articles for the new year. Let’s make it a great one! Silvia

26.8 – I’ve started this painting a few days ago and It’s turning out to be quite a fight. One day it feels like I’m overthinking it, next day I take it mad, and splash out. hehe Let’s see what happens later on today. Hopefully I’ll find that ‘golden’ balance.

27.8 – Well, today The ‘Golden Seed’ became not so golden. I feel like I over-fought it. And I’m questioning if I’d be able to fix it. Learning lessons every day!

30.08.2010- Today I’ve painted the wall behind the painting, and changed the direction it’s been hanging. I feel that it’s finally doing what I wanted. Have I tamed the monster? You tell me?..hehe I’m having issues to photograph it actually. I may need to ask a professional to help me out.

1.9.2010-  I just made it into my studio today, no nothing serious, just one of those days when one prefers to stay at home and do nothing. Anyway, I raised my mood by injecting a bit more colour into the painting. A few red spots have added some vibrancy to it. I try my best to photograph it as best as I can, however I wish you could see it life! AHH, you can! Check out this link.

S. Krupinska, New Golden Seed is Back. 30.8.2010

S. Krupinska, New Golden Seed is Back. 30.8.2010

S.Krupinska, New Golden Seed is getting colour injection, 2010

S.Krupinska, New Golden Seed is getting colour injection, 2010

I love using fruits for my inspiration. I’ve used also pods, nut and seeds previously. What they all for me have in common, are their textures and colours. Something quite special, I could go on and on about it, instead I’ll indulge my self here with a photo. Enjoy!

Hi again! I’m pleased to have found some time, however only very briefly, to write about my latest participation in a “OUR SHOP” project hosted by Ben Nathan and Antony Ward. I have been working in OUR SHOP, a pop up space in Kilburn, London, along with some other invited artists, where I produced a throughtout changing “Dust and Hair Painting”  also called ” Dust Painting, Seed 2″, and some framed works of  “Seeds”. There’ll be an evening celebrating a whole month of lasting of the extraordinary space, tomorrow July 6th, 2010. For directions and more info click here.  I’d love to see you there, if you’re free! If not, I’ll write about the whole experience, in a bit more detail later on.  So watch out for this article to develop. Meanwhile, here is an image of my contribution, and a bit of press, and more photos to come later.

Best wishes




















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