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This is my first entry in my blog that is musically inspired. I’ve been recently following The European Azerbaijan Society in London. After my visit and exhibition in Azerbaijan in December 2011, I’ve become increasingly interested in the country and its culture and that brought me to a special concert last Wednesday, 22.Feb.2012 – Khojaly Commemoration Concert, at St. John’s, Smith Square. This event, organised by The European Azerbaijan Society, commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Khojaly Massacre, during which 613 civilians lost their lives. The Orion Orchestra  performed, featuring Sue Perkins and Nicholas Collon (conductors), Guy Johnston (cello) and gorgeous Sabina Rakcheyeva (violin).  The atmosphere of the music and the whole place was intense and the sounds were very powerful. I found the concert enriching and inspiring. One might ask how is this post relevant to an artist’s sculpture blog? Well, I find inspiration in many places, they interestingly change. The experience of the concert made me think. I find difficult to put those feelings experienced during the evening in words. But I know, this isn’t the end of the Azerbaijan chapter for me.

Khojaly Commemoration Concert, 22.2.2012 (2)

Khojaly Commemoration Concert, 22.2.2012

Sabina Rakcheyeva and Silvia Krupinska, 22.2.2012

I was interviewed by The European Azerbaijan Society in London, and this way I’d like to say “Thanks so much  TEAS for posting up my interview on your website and being so kind with the editing as well! It’s been an absolute pleasure.”  This is a short extract from their website.

“In late 2011, Silvia visited Azerbaijan for the first time, where she participated in the Second Gabala International Art Exhibition entitled Art! Life! Earth!, jointly organised by the Cultural Fund of Azerbaijan and the Seoul-Baku (SEBA) Azerbaijani-Korean Cultural Exchange Association. Following her return, she spoke to TEAS about her experiences, works and thoughts on the Fly to Baku contemporary art exhibition, which opened at the Phillips de Pury Gallery, London, on 17 January.”  To read the full article click here.

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<a href=”“>Interview with Silvia Krupinska, sculptor.</a>
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