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It’s been a perfect Saturday really. I visited my local gallery The Stone Space. The exhibition ‘Take your Time’ is the best I’ve seen in The Stone Space so far. Of course, it’s a question of taste, and this is totally my cup of tea! The outside view to the gallery is great. You can see the dried yellow leaves covering the floor, some wooden logs are positioned in the space too, for sitting. Suspended from the wires near the ceiling are the fabric cones, hand dyed with natural nettle and other pigments. The atmosphere is idyllic. Only when you enter the gallery you realize, the bird-song is playing and with the first step your mood is transformed and “you leave four days of stress behind you”- said one of the visitors to us. The scent in the room is leafy and woody, with the hint of sage, and blue-bells refresh your smell buds too. Oh what a feeling! One that is best experienced in person.

Take Your Time, The Stone Space

Perpendicular, The Stone Space 0

Perpendicular, The Stone Space 02

As I was chatting to a gallerist Christine Davies, I found out some interesting facts about this show.

“The Installation ‘Take your Time’ by Perpendicular is a collaborative partnership between artists Kim Norton and Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva. Perpendicular’s installation is a secluded space filled with the sounds and scent that people often associate with gardens or woodlands. The collection of fabric cones hanging within the gallery at varying heights create an illusion of elevation and suspension.”



I hope you have the time to visit The Stone Space in the near future. To help to plan your visit, the opening hours and days are as follows:

The show opened on Thursday 4 December and will run until 11 January 2015. From the 15 December and over the festive season the gallery will be closed and so the show will be for viewing from the street only. But what a view!


No.1 artwork of this year is finished. It was started at the 2-day sculpting demonstration ‘Blueberry extraction from plaster’  at The Stone Space Gallery in Leytonstone, London, where I’ve currently another ‘Pearl’ Sculpture in the show – ‘artFORMS‘. Show closes on Sunday Jan 6th, 6pm. If you’re interested to have a similar event in your venue or gallery, contact me for details please. Thank you.

Final touches new work, Jan 2, 2013 by Silvia Krupinska

Final touches on the new work. Plaster, limpet. 5.8cm © Silvia Krupinska

First sculpture of 2013 finished. Plaster, limpet. 5.8cm.© Silvia Krupinska

First sculpture of 2013 finished. Plaster, limpet. 5.8cm
© Silvia Krupinska

I’m very pleased to be part of the exhibition ‘artFORMS’ in my local gallery in Leytonstone, The Stone Space. I don’t think I need to introduce the gallery to you, as I wrote about it a few times already, however I want to tell you a little about the show. artFORMS has its own website, and can be found on twitter as @art_FORMS.

ArtFORMS show flyer

 The show in The Stone Space running from 3 Dec – Jan 6 2013. More on

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A range of artistic practitioners were brought together by the theme of “restriction” – be that the limitation of working without words; the human inability to fly; or taking photographs from a wheelchair. Sarah Carpenter, founder of the artFORMS collective, explained: “It strikes me that through the bleeding of art forms, the mixing of styles and media, (creating hybrids, if you will), you can create multi faceted layers. These layers provide potential for a new sensory language and have the possibility of a huge appeal as they show such variety. This is what we have in artFORMS.”

The show includes works of  – Sarah Carpenter, Ashley Davies, Dimple Gos, Flash Bristow, Heather Miller, Jeff Cox, Mike Bristow, Mike Howath-Baker, Polly Jane Henson, Sarita Plowman and me.

Perla by Silvia Krupinska, 2012 (2)

Sculpture ‘Perla’ by Silvia Krupinska in artFORMS exhibition at The Stone Space.

A bit of an insight of my point of view: “I take a look at the restriction from the sculpting process point of view. The plaster and three crushed pearls (white, black and pink) have been combined with small balls of grapes. After the mixture set, I excavated all grapes out, leaving the tunnels in the 6 cm round sculpture. ‘Perla’ and its inner space is a testimony of restriction that happened and was followed by release. I’ll be demonstrating this act of ‘restriction versus release’ during my live sculpting session in The Stone Space in first two days of ‘artFORMS’.”  …and that happened as part of many workshops and events. Image below illustrates, what came out of my demo!

Final touches new work, Jan 2, 2013 by Silvia Krupinska (800x602)

If you have time, have a look at the full list of the events during the show. We’re closing on Sunday, Jan 6th.

artFORMS events

Hello dear friends. I took part in “One Day’s Walk”, The Stone Space exhibition. It had a great response from the locals and the theme was to involve the community and the artist from Leytonstone (East London). You might already know that I enjoy taking  “From the Bottom of the Sea” sculptures out , even on my travels. In the past I had one with me in a desert in Emirates, in Margate on the beach, or back in Slovakia… For this exhibition, I had taken one of my “From the Bottom of the Sea” sculpture out to Leytonstone’s Epping forest, and let it sit in a meadow. We tried many angles and ways, for the sculpture to be most comfortable. I chose one photograph of it, which was used to produce cards accompanying the show. Each artist had cards made. Those are for sale in the gallery for £1 each to support The Stone Space in their amazing first year running. If you would like one of my cards free, email me ( with your postal address and I’ll send it to you or visit the gallery. Hurry, I’ve have less than 30 left.

Thrilled to show at great The Stone Space gallery with other local artists.This group exhibition is called One Day’s Walk Leytonstone and is running from 21st June – 8th July, Private view from 7pm on Thursday 21st June. There will be cards accompanying the show of each artist’s work, those are available to purchase, as well as all the art of course!

For location and opening times and days please visit the gallery’s page

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One of the East London galleries – The Stone Space has opened another of their shows. The inspiring choice of works are on display till April 15th, 2012. The drive behind the exhibition was to bring together art, which is floating somewhere between genres. Is it a painting or a sculpture? This and many other questions will be in the air, when you visit the show. I found it stimulating, dynamic, lively and quite well hang. Trying to stay neutral, as my work is on show too, I’ll mention that in my opinion, the space was used to its full potential and the curators have done a good job. You can read back one of my previous articles about the show here, or continue by watching a short clip from the opening night, followed by a set of photos. See you at another show somewhere in London soon! Cheers. Silvia.


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The Stone Space, 6 Church Lane Leytonstone, London, E11 1HG


‘The Stone Space’, – a community led gallery space supporting creatives from a diverse range of backgrounds and providing a platform to create thought-provoking and exciting exhibitions and installations is opening the doors again with a new across disciplinary show ‘Inclusions’. This gallery is standing firmly on its feet, having put on many successful exhibitions, in its first year running. There was a hunger and need for this gallery in East London, Leytonstone and thanks to number of volunteers and talented artists who manage the space, including Carne GriffithsEleanor Bedlow and Gillian Swan, it is possible to showcase the local and visiting artists of the area and beyond.

‘Inclusions’ open this week, Thursday 29th March for three weeks. Join us at the opening party 29th March from 7pm and celebrate the diversity of art and mediums of these artists in show –  Ronis Varlaam, Sally Hewett, Mary-anne Morrison, Aurora Ira, Clare Smith, Tetsuya Endo, Amanda Whittle, Aysegul Thornett, Frances Bloomfield, Matt Gee, David McLeavy, Stacey Wall, Victoria Turnbull, Stephane Blumer, Kate Pelen, Natalie Percy and Gareth Morgan. I’m delighted to show in the exhibition too.

About ‘Inclusions’ – an Eclectic group exhibition of work from practising artists whose work crosses boundaries and disciplines. Fusing mixed media sculpture, video, sound and installation with traditional media an exhibition selected and curated carefully to surprise delight and enlighten.

I’ll be bringing you more from the show later, including photographs and a video, as it opens. Join us in this facebook event group and see who is going! I look forward to seeing you there! Thanks for reading. S.

Natalie Percy, 'Angel in the Attic 1'

Eleanor Bedlow, Lifting

Silvia Krupinska, Green Moon Transition, oneforone show, Stour Space.

This interview took place in Notting Hill’s gallery Debut Contemporary, during a Saturday Debut event – EDEN Preview — Painting in Tea, 25th Feb. To visit Carne Griffiths’ website go to

Today’s video card is from my local community run gallery The Stone Space in Leytonstone. I’m pleased that a gallery is taking off nicely. With the effort that has been put in already The Stone Space is becoming a respected and loved place not only for the local artists, but also all the art enthusiasts and art collectors. I went to the Stone Space for the opening of an exhibition called “Spill” by artists Alke Schmidt and Della Rees. I had my reporter glasses on and I had my pocket video camera in my hand to bring you some visuals and sound (watch it below). A friend on Facebook commented on my post last night calling me “the art world equivalent of Tintin” which I thought was very funny. I hope you enjoy my venture and if you like the video card, why not to visit the gallery ? All you need to know about this exhibition and coming shows too, can be found here .

Thanks for your visit



The Stone Space Gallery, Leytonstone

Della Rees, Twenty Ship Spills, detail

Alke Schmidt, History of a Curios Incident in the Gulf of Mexico - Part 2

Artists Alke Schmidt, Silvia Krupinska, Della Rees

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