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I’m coming back with my monthly reviews of artists! If you are used to listening to the radio slot “Silvia Krupinska’s Artist of the Month” on Colourful radio, there is an alteration. From December 2012, I’m instead of the radio slot doing  my new series of video art reviews, talking with artists with my camera and bringing you the visuals from their art studios, galleries or similar locations. On top of that, starting from January 2013, you can follow my new platform, where I’m introducing artists on OHTV in ‘Culture Vultures’. I’ve behind my first 11 TV reviews, which were filmed in last couple of weeks (Dec 2012). It has been a learning curve for me, and I hope I can continue later on with even more introductions of artist for the TV.

Painting in progress by John Bunker at Unit3 Gallery in December 2012.

Painting in progress by John Bunker at Unit3 Gallery in December 2012.

But for now, be my guest and let me introduce to you a painter, artist and curator, John Bunker. I picked him due to his strong painterly language. His colourful paintings are layered with texture and artistic freedom. He uses sharp angles and energetic contrasting materials he finds around us in unpredictable places. It makes sense to me the way he sticks and lays the vivid and balanced surfaces together. Artist that speaks for him self, as strongly as his works! Great contestant for today’s edition!

I was acquainted to his paintings in ASC UNIT3 Gallery in Empson Street, E3 3LT in May 2012. John had put on a show called ‘Sunburst in the City of Shadows’ which extended to his studio just upstairs, as the gallery is part of a large studio complex of many artists. To mention a few talents there, painter Abigail BoxJennifer Farmer, Samuel Overington, Rachel Gornall, Pamela Carr, Marsha Dunstan and many others base their creative hub there. Back to John, as I really enjoyed the show, I followed Bunker’s work and in November 2012 I visited his solo show titled ‘Vital Signs’ at Half Moon Gallery, part of the Half Moon Young’s People Theatre. The show is on from November 2012 to January 2013. I bring you the slide show below with some images from the private view.

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I visit UNIT3 again, this time John Bunker is using the space for his project. He is making some large scale paintings. You can watch this 9 min video, as John explains how he constructs his art and I ask him questions about his inspirations and creative processes.

Painter John Bunker at Unit3 Gallery, December 2012

Painter John Bunker at Unit3 Gallery, December 2012

Thanks for having a look and reading today’s post, come back again, comment, give suggestions and if you find a cool interesting artists, let me know and I’ll always have a look at their work. You never know, they might appear here or in one of my TV reviews!

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