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Hello.  I’m so happy I can share my exciting news with you! I’m enthusiastically working on a project, which is organized by Dynama o.s. Dynama is a civic association, with an aim “to provide assistance to people migrating within the single European labor market with job search, education and adequate environmental background and the resulting focus on cultural and social context of the host country.”  (To find out more about them click on the link above).

One of the projects they are doing is filming of a short documentary about experiences that people from Czech Republic and Slovakia have by arriving in London. It’ll be all about people’s lives, how they changed, what they looked back on, before they travelled here and now. There is a broad scale of topics to choose from, however I’ll be telling a story of my “Identity”, and I’ll be thinking back, to years, when I still lived in Poprad, Slovakia (pre-1999) and reflecting about the times until now and evaluating all this, or at least trying to do it, by telling some sort of intimate story to my self, expressing it by a drawing or two, which will be accompanied by a text. My story along with other people’s stories will be put into a film.

Here is a photo to illustrate my first stages of this private re-discovery of “The Chase of my Identity”. I’ll include a cut out of a short text that I had an urge to write while drawing,

I worked with an idea, that a this porous stone is in the rain, which represents some form of knowledge and experience. Over some time, this stone should absorb the water and increasingly become more knowledgeable and experienced.

(Free translation from Slovak) “I feel like I were a large sponge, a porous limestone, being formed by events and experiences, which I now endlesly suck in to my self, and get coloured by-these pigments of life. No, they aren’t fading pale shade, quite the contrary, incresingly turning stronger.”



I’ll post more updates soon, as the work progresses. The screening of the film will take place in November. You’ll be first to have the link to it here!  : ) Thanks for reading.

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