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We’re in Slovakia. In my last post I talked about The Spis Artists’ Gallery. This time I’m introducing another gallery of the Spis Region, one which celebrated a hundred-year-anniversary of its building in 2012. The Tatra Gallery also called in Slovak – Elektráreň Tatranskej galérie is in POPRAD, the town where I was born and had lived for 18 years before moving to London. The Tatra Gallery is set in an iconic building of a former steam power station and it is putting on events and exhibitions since 1992. I found out that my great grandfather had worked in the power station back in the day, when it was producing the electricity for the surrounding areas! I find it fascinating!

Tatra Gallery in Poprad-2013 ©Silvia Krupinska

Tatra Gallery in Poprad-2013 ©Silvia Krupinska

The Tatra Gallery in Poprad has a permanent exposition, and at the same time it’s putting on a number of exhibitions and events each year, for example Daniel Libeskind – Architekture is a Language, 14. 12. – 3. 3. 2013… Today, I have a photo report and a short video report from the show I visited this summer – The Spiritual Message of Saints Cyril and Methodius in the Art of the Andrej Rudavsky Family. But first …

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My first serious encounter with art in The Tatra Gallery was in 1996, where under direction of my Professor, akad. mal. Zuzana Dallosova Strapkova, we’ve put on an exhibition during The Games with Art (Hry s umenim) 1996. I remember this event so vividly and I appreciate how important and rewarding it was for us, young artists from ZUS, at the time! The building of the gallery hadn’t been restored then, and it was in deed an exciting place to be at the age of 16! The Games with Art project takes place each year in The Tatra Gallery in Poprad since 1995.

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 Finally the promised images and a short silent video with my best-loved moments from  The Spiritual Message of Saints Cyril and Methodius in the Art of the Andrej Rudavsky Family, which opened on June 27 (until Sept. 9, 2013). I didn’t know what to expect, the long and serious sounding title scared me and made me think it will be a very classic and not so contemporary show. I was pleasantly surprised! There is lots of sculpture, painting and media works in the show I can relate to, and I hope you’ll find them pleasing too.


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Tatranská galéria v Poprade

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