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Cryptic takes place from Friday 24th to Monday 27th of November. A discussion around the subjects of creativity, intuition and process in art and science, organised by Ben Murray and CLOT Magazine, will take place on Sunday 26th November at 2pm. The discussion panel is conducted by Ben Murray with guests Adam PeacockProfessor Arthur I MillerDr Max ReuterNatsai Audrey Chieza.


Tere Chad ; Juan Covelli ; Helen Farley ; Silvia Krupinska ; Meri Lahti ; Julie Light ; Mark Andrew Lowman ; Jill Mueller ; Yun Peng ; Lisa Pettibone ; Marta Pinilla ; Dave John Rosewell ; Rania Schoretsaniti ; Hannah Scott ; Virginie Serneels ; Olga Suchanova ; Neus Torres Tamarit ;Michelle Von Mandel ; Bekk Wells

For the first time, I use my garden as an art studio and create two ink drip paintings for Cryptic 2017 exhibition. Cryptic is a celebration of a process in art and how art and science can work together on many levels from an emotional to technical. Thank you to artist and curator Neus Torres Tamarit for inviting me to take part in this exhibition! Thank you to Sparkle, the cat featured in the images, for helping me with making the paintings. You can spot a couple of paw prints on the Reversed Waterfall I painting.


Reversed Waterfall I in Crypt Gallery, St Pancras, 2017


Reversed Waterfall II in Crypt Gallery, St Pancras, 2017


Reversed Waterfall I and II in Crypt Gallery, St Pancras, 2017


This month is for questioning of the mediums I practice. I’m  making brand new works with use of colour and plaster; all this is set on normally a painting base – canvas. However, the painting is transformed into a sculpture! This new object questions its position. It “lives” between the mediums of painting and object art. Today’s piece is No. 2 of the new series of ‘Sculptures on Canvas’. I’d be interested to read, what you think. You can respond to it by commenting in the ‘comment box’ under the post. Thank you and see you soon! (To see the first sculpture on the canvas in the series, click on this link.)



I’ve started a new sculptural-painterly series on canvas. It’s going to be colourful and textural and I’m pleased to show you the first finished piece. What do you think? I’m off to the studio to start another…thanks for watching!


What’s going on in my studio these days?

This …


…and this…


…in preparation for this…

It’s coming to the end of the year, and I can’t believe it’s going so fast! I’ve decided to do a yearly post of my channel’s most viewed videos. here the list comes, enjoy…

1. Silvia Krupinska talking to artist Carne Griffiths at Debut Contemporary, 25.2.12.


2. Silvia Krupinska in ‘Czechin’ London’ documentary film (SK), 2010


3. Textures of Salt and Oil paintings, Homage to Lichens series, 2012.


4. Salt oil painting experiments in my studio, part I.


5. Silvia Krupinska talking to artist Rosie Emerson at The Other Art Fair 2011.


I’d like to say a big thank you to Rosie Emerson and Carne Griffiths! Thanks to you all for your ongoing support and I’m looking forward to making more artists’ interviews!

Remodelled Red Seed got a new life today.

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I’ve framed today three of my salt and oil paintings from Homage to Lichens series. This series contains 11 small 30cm round paintings and 2 larger 60cm paintings on heavy cotton paper. I’ll stick a couple of videos and a slide show of  three framed pieces here to show you the variety of colours and textures, including some insight into how I made them. Please email me on for the detailed prices which start from *£195 per framed piece (excluding postage). Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.


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Textures and colours:

How are they made:

*all rights reserved. The price can change at any given time.

‘Soľ nad zlato’ in Eng. ‘Salt above Gold’, title of a Slovakian film fairy-tale, exploring preciousness of salt above all! I’ll be experimenting in my new works how the salt and gold ‘work’ together, in a form of a painting. Can’t wait!

Still from film - Salt above Gold, actress Libuše Šafránková, writen by_Bozena Nemcova, director_Martin Hollý, 1983

Silvia Krupinska, working title_ salt string 2012, 03


S.Krupinska’s art studio, Salt and Oil Paintings installation, 23.3.2012


S.Krupinska, Salt and Oil Paintings, Exploration of Lichens series 01, 23.3.12


S.Krupinska, Purple Salt and Oil Painting, March 2012



Installation with lotus leaves, Grape Dreams (grape extraction) sculpture in the front and From the Bottom of the Sea sculptures in the back

Silvia Krupinska, Studio Instalation with new paintings, 6.9.11

Today, I’m asking my self a question as I put my head next to my freshly mudded 3D painting. How does it feel today? Let’s see, till the mud dries! The sea might settle by then. (personal note)

S.Krupinska, How Does It Feel Today? 02, 25.2.2011, Copyright 2011

S.Krupinska, How Does It Feel Today? 02, 25.2.2011, Copyright 2011

S.Krupinska, Work in Progress, before it dries. 25.02.2011, Copyright 2011

S.Krupinska, Work in Progress, before it dries. 25.02.2011, Copyright 2011

Another day in my studio brought  me this very nearly finished painting. It’s one of my series of the Seed Paintings and here is a link to a short video of it blowing in the wind too.

The Red Seed Painting, 2010 detail

The Red Seed Painting, 2010 detail

S.Krupinska, The Red Seed Painting, 2010

S.Krupinska, The Red Seed Painting, 2010

I realize that exhibitions and awards don’t come for free and by it self. A bit of effort is required, so I entered this competition. I would appreciate your support by clicking on the link and rating my 2 pieces of work  I’ve uploaded.

link –

Thank you ever so much.

S.Krupinska, New Golden Seed, 2010

This is one of the two pieces I uploaded

S.Krupinska, Untitled 2, 2009

This is the second image of the two I uploaded for the competition.

26.8 – I’ve started this painting a few days ago and It’s turning out to be quite a fight. One day it feels like I’m overthinking it, next day I take it mad, and splash out. hehe Let’s see what happens later on today. Hopefully I’ll find that ‘golden’ balance.

27.8 – Well, today The ‘Golden Seed’ became not so golden. I feel like I over-fought it. And I’m questioning if I’d be able to fix it. Learning lessons every day!

30.08.2010- Today I’ve painted the wall behind the painting, and changed the direction it’s been hanging. I feel that it’s finally doing what I wanted. Have I tamed the monster? You tell me?..hehe I’m having issues to photograph it actually. I may need to ask a professional to help me out.

1.9.2010-  I just made it into my studio today, no nothing serious, just one of those days when one prefers to stay at home and do nothing. Anyway, I raised my mood by injecting a bit more colour into the painting. A few red spots have added some vibrancy to it. I try my best to photograph it as best as I can, however I wish you could see it life! AHH, you can! Check out this link.

S. Krupinska, New Golden Seed is Back. 30.8.2010

S. Krupinska, New Golden Seed is Back. 30.8.2010

S.Krupinska, New Golden Seed is getting colour injection, 2010

S.Krupinska, New Golden Seed is getting colour injection, 2010

I would like to show you some works in progress for Dynama O.S. project,     “Londyn Multikulturny a Zivy”, which will culminate with a short documentary film. To find out more click here, or simply scroll down to read my previous article.

I’ve been working on some paintings today. I have to admit I haven’t painted for some time, rather focusing on sculpting, drawing. I’ve had a fun day and tomorrow, back in my studio, I’ll try to bring everything together for some sort of story of my journey coming to London. Keep watching! Thanks.

Hi again! I’m pleased to have found some time, however only very briefly, to write about my latest participation in a “OUR SHOP” project hosted by Ben Nathan and Antony Ward. I have been working in OUR SHOP, a pop up space in Kilburn, London, along with some other invited artists, where I produced a throughtout changing “Dust and Hair Painting”  also called ” Dust Painting, Seed 2″, and some framed works of  “Seeds”. There’ll be an evening celebrating a whole month of lasting of the extraordinary space, tomorrow July 6th, 2010. For directions and more info click here.  I’d love to see you there, if you’re free! If not, I’ll write about the whole experience, in a bit more detail later on.  So watch out for this article to develop. Meanwhile, here is an image of my contribution, and a bit of press, and more photos to come later.

Best wishes




















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