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With a winter frost and wind, an art commission has landed on my art studio doorstep. I’ve been interested in the water filtration processes since my Walthamstow Wetlands Art residency (2015-2016) and my dream project based on these dynamic systems is now happening!
Wateraid‘s Learning Department approached me at the end of 2017, however, I’ve kept it quiet as things have been developing. Now, after a couple of research visits at Thames Water’s Coppermills Water Treatments Works and at the Royal Air Force museum where the installation will feature during a week-long of events celebrating the 75th anniversary of Dambusters in May 2018, I’m firmly engaged in the process and very excited. To read a blog post about water filtering research visit at Coppermills click here.

WaterAid is a wonderful charity and I’ve learned from them so much about water. This video summarises what they are all about. I’ll be mentioning them in my work in progress posts a lot.



What am I creating?
I’m designing a concept and a sculptural interactive installation based on the principles of a sand dam. I can reveal the installation will carry three conceptual elements (water, concrete wall/dam, and sand/sediments), see the image below.

Three concepts for installation, S Krupinska copyright 2018


While I’m creating a physical sculpture and its concept, I wanted to bring another layer of interaction into the RAF museum’s outdoor space. I’ve invited Danny Saul to collaborate with me. Danny Saul is a London-based composer and sound artist whose work explores connections between sound and space, and between (real-world) recorded sounds and synthesized electronic sounds. How very exciting! Welcome, Danny! Learn more about his work on his website.


Composer and sound artist Danny Saul.


Sketch for Installation S Krupinska 2018

Sketchbook insights, ideas for learning and exploring a sand dam.


I’m going to return to sketching to finalize some ideas, but I will share with you more work in progress soon. Thank you for reading this blog post and I’m looking forward to your comments. See you on May 19th between 11am to 3pm at Collindale’s RAF museum during a wonderful Dambusters anniversary week!

#Dambusters75 #legend #legacy #WaterAid #sanddam #RAFmuseum .





In olden days, on the last day of April, young unmarried men would raise Maypoles in front of their girlfriends’ houses. If they did this in the 15th century in Germany, it would be considered a law-binding marrying agreement! Thankfully these days the tradition is only an excuse to meet and dance together to celebrate the arrival of spring and female beauty. Many nations have this tradition of elevating a young tree on a long wooden pole, decorated with many colourful ribbons. Check out some great international examples of Maypoles by country. But did you know artists have been making art inspired by maypoles? This tag shows some examples.


May Installation on 10 trees in Empson street E3, London. 22 May 2013

When the ribbons from my outdoor May Installation (above) were stolen in 2013, I knew I wanted to revisit this topic again. A perfect opportunity has arrived. Mira Varg and I (both studying at UAL – CSM, MA Art and Science and are Slovak) proposed to make a May sculpture for a Student May Ball in the Embassy Of the Slovak Republic in London. We were both delighted when the Embassy liked the idea. We enjoyed our collaboration a lot!

Maypole sculpture 2015 06

Maypole sculpture 2015 03

Maypole sculpture 2015 01

Maypole sculpture 2015 04

We’d like to thank The Embassy Of the Slovak Republic and The Embassy of The Czech Republic for this year’s Students May Ball, which happened last night. So many amazing people turned up, lots of beer was consumed and much traditional food was eaten! And I think I speak for all that attended when I say, we had a great time! I’ll finish off with these images of folk dancing by Morena Dance Company below. Thanks for reading this post and I hope to see you maybe during one of the future events in the Embassy. Take care. S.

Studentsky majales 2015 01 Studentsky majales 2015 02 Studentsky majales 2015 03 Studentsky majales 2015 04

FLOWING ROOTS – Metal sculpture and sound piece

Steel might not be the first material to be associated with a river or its flow. I see it differently, as for me it became a medium for a sculpture inspired by a river I grew up nearby in Poprad, Slovakia – the 167.4 km long Poprad River. “She” is for me a kind of symbol representing my roots, my belonging and the natural beauty of the Spiš Region.

This river story starts when I discovered a disaster struck in February 2014. Twenty times more than allowed amount of cyanide was found in the Poprad River’s flow, starting in an industrial area of Matejovce. The poison caused deep damage to the effected ecosystems. Thousands of fish died and the habitat on the seven-kilometre-long stretch will take years to recover. However, and there is a big pause here. I choose not to cry over spilled milk and run around in anger, but I choose in this sculptural installation to celebrate this river-flow, its ongoing splendour and the healing it’s going through. I choose the steel, I choose the lasting strength and I choose to look ahead and show how important she is to me. All rivers deserve attention, admiration and appreciation; this is what my sculpture and the sound piece are about.

I’d like to thank to SLOVENSKÝ VODOHOSPODÁRSKY PODNIK, š. p., Správa povodia Dunajca a Popradu for their support and help with gathering research data and materials about The Poprad River. I hope our collaboration can continue to grow in more future projects!

Flowing Roots, Silvia Krupinska 2015, detail

Flowing Roots, Silvia Krupinska 2015, detail

2. The Poprad River, Silvia Krupinska, detail 02,

Flowing Roots, Silvia Krupinska 2015, detail

You can see FLOW sculpture and sound piece and many other artworks by other artists in UAL CSM Interim Exhibition – You’re the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly – works of MA Art and Science, MA Photography and MA Fine Art at The Laundry E8, 2-18 Warburton Road, E8 3FN London, UK.

27th-29th March, 11-5, PV 26th March 6-9pm

Interim show invite image 01

I have great respect for metal. I have even greater respect for hot metal. I think it shows on my face in these photographs by a friend. All this in preparation for The Poprad River sculpture which will be exhibited in our March Interim show at the end of the month. Details announced soon.

Metal Workshop Forging Steel, Copyright Chyuki Harris, 01 2015

Metal Workshop Forging Steel, Copyright Chyuki Harris, 02 2015


This month is for questioning of the mediums I practice. I’m  making brand new works with use of colour and plaster; all this is set on normally a painting base – canvas. However, the painting is transformed into a sculpture! This new object questions its position. It “lives” between the mediums of painting and object art. Today’s piece is No. 2 of the new series of ‘Sculptures on Canvas’. I’d be interested to read, what you think. You can respond to it by commenting in the ‘comment box’ under the post. Thank you and see you soon! (To see the first sculpture on the canvas in the series, click on this link.)


Hello from a sunny London! I thought my blog posts have become more frequent lately, if you’re a subscriber sorry if your inbox is receiving too many updates. To my defence, this is my season..creative season. And when I’m rolling, I’m unstoppable! Just kidding. I’ve decided to use this single post for updates on myOrigins’ project at Unit 3 Projects. I’ll add photos and text to it, as it develops. I won’t create new single posts on the same theme of  ‘Origins’ but I’ll just add on to this one, that way you’re spared emails …saying that, do come back to keep track and see new ideas and you’re more than welcome to visit me in the space (email first silviakrupinska at or at the event on 23 May! Facebook event link. Before I forget, Thank you to ASC for putting my event on their website! Now there is a statement I’ve written about my inspirations behind Origins, click here to read it.

Origins Logo

Origins Day 1 outdoors: 1 May 2013

I did a photo shoot with my organic sculpture ‘Farol’ in Epping Forest. The sculpture is one of the larger ones in the series, I was curious to see it outdoors. And then, this dog found it very puzzling to discover it…check it out!

© Silvia Krupinska 2013

© Silvia Krupinska 2013

Origins Day 1 indoors: 1 May 2013

Discovering  light and dark of the Unit 3 Projects space in this 55 second video.

Origins Day 7 indoors: 7 May 2013

I’ve some good news to report. I’ve secured a sponsor for Origins! Thanks to Jim’ll Mix It company I’ll have a hill of sand for my installation at Unit 3 Projects. I’m so excited as I always wanted to fulfil this idea…I’ll bring you some images from the process, as it develops.


14 May, sand in day! Never worked so hard in my life!

(Need to work even harder to bring all the sand out soon! Helpers welcomed)

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Happy to announce I’ve another sponsor for the event. Local company The Nut House will supply their fresh cakes, dried fruit and nuts. Thank you!

The Nut House logo

17 May 2013 – 6 days to the event

130 metres of ribbon is ready to be hanged for my ‘May Installation’ on Wednesday in Empson Street. You can’t miss it on Thursday on your way to Unit 3 Projects ‘Origins’ event 6-9 pm.
‘May Installation’ is inspired by a Slovak old tradition of ‘Majov/Mays’, which is considered the most romantic gesture of all, not practised so much nowadays. A young man would go in the forest to search for the tallest best tree to bring to his girlfriend. Before setting it in the ground, he’d add ribbons and decorate it with a hope to marry her. ‘Mays’ are also known to protect new houses from bad luck and ghosts…

May Installation for Origins is ready to be hanged May 2013

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Some new works made especially for the event, from ‘Mountain Lakes’ series below – coming in two sizes – 19.5cm sqare and 14cm square in abalone.

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Installation day

Event day and exhibition

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It’s my pleasure to announce a birth of another organic sculpture. Somehow this one is special to me as I’d been planning it for long time.

The images speak best, so I won’t write much more, apart I need to tell you this sculpture is called Perla and it is made from plaster-de-Paris and three pearls. It is 5.8 cm across and it’s available for a limited time directly from my studio.

I’m holding the pearl shell open, about to harvest my pearl. © Silvia Krupinska

Black pearl in a shell. © Silvia Krupinska

Three of my beautiful pearls I harvested. © Silvia Krupinska

Dust of black, white and pink pearl I produced. © Silvia Krupinska

Silvia Krupinska, Perla 2012. © Silvia Krupinska

Silvia Krupinska, Perla 2012. © Silvia Krupinska

Silvia Krupinska, Perla 2012. © Silvia Krupinska


Thrilled to show at great The Stone Space gallery with other local artists.This group exhibition is called One Day’s Walk Leytonstone and is running from 21st June – 8th July, Private view from 7pm on Thursday 21st June. There will be cards accompanying the show of each artist’s work, those are available to purchase, as well as all the art of course!

For location and opening times and days please visit the gallery’s page

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These are images of my latest work in progress. This time instead of grapes, I’m using some blueberries as sculpting material. Blueberry extraction technique experiments have been fun to do, and I love the smell of the fruit as well. These are going to be a couple of very healthy art works! For the following two sculptures, I cast 15 blueberries each.


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Please click here for more information. Thanks.

I’m pleased to present a video of my PechaKucha presentation from ASC Erlang House, from earlier this year. 20 images, 20 seconds each on my work processes and inspirations. For the flyer please click here.

My new sculpting material, 120 golf balls. And the number is you have any spare?

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