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I’ve been considering using some Pearl Nautilus shells as sculpting material. However, after doing some essential research I changed my mind. It’s being overfished and it will become endangered species in the near future.
This is what one looks like on the left. In case you see it on your exotic holidays or online, think twice about getting it. I’m going for a more sustainable alternative, farmed Abalone on the right.



It’s my pleasure to announce a birth of another organic sculpture. Somehow this one is special to me as I’d been planning it for long time.

The images speak best, so I won’t write much more, apart I need to tell you this sculpture is called Perla and it is made from plaster-de-Paris and three pearls. It is 5.8 cm across and it’s available for a limited time directly from my studio.

I’m holding the pearl shell open, about to harvest my pearl. © Silvia Krupinska

Black pearl in a shell. © Silvia Krupinska

Three of my beautiful pearls I harvested. © Silvia Krupinska

Dust of black, white and pink pearl I produced. © Silvia Krupinska

Silvia Krupinska, Perla 2012. © Silvia Krupinska

Silvia Krupinska, Perla 2012. © Silvia Krupinska

Silvia Krupinska, Perla 2012. © Silvia Krupinska



Working with these shells today.

These are images of my latest work in progress. This time instead of grapes, I’m using some blueberries as sculpting material. Blueberry extraction technique experiments have been fun to do, and I love the smell of the fruit as well. These are going to be a couple of very healthy art works! For the following two sculptures, I cast 15 blueberries each.


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Please click here for more information. Thanks.

I’m pleased to present a video of my PechaKucha presentation from ASC Erlang House, from earlier this year. 20 images, 20 seconds each on my work processes and inspirations. For the flyer please click here.

Dear friends. I’m tempted to show you my new sculpture, which is part of my ongoing exploration of sports balls as sculpting materials. However I’ll hold on to that yet, and share this image of my first ever opened golf ball, which turned out to be pink inside! If you would like to see my organic golf ball sculpture, please read on this invite:

You are warmly invited to our “Open Studio Weekend” and an exhibition “Aggregate” on Friday evening, Nov 4th, and Saturday Nov 5th, 12-5, at ASC Studios Unit 3, Bow E3 3LT. Apart from the general refreshments, I’ll be serving snacks, good atmosphere and lots of news. This will be a unique chance to buy directly from my studio, and all sales will go towards shipping of my art and possibly myself to “London Calling” show in LA, OCCCA over Christmas! I look forward to your visit! Cheers.

My new sculpting material, 120 golf balls. And the number is you have any spare?

S.Krupinska, Grape extraction sculpture, 22.4.2011 01

S.Krupinska, Grape extraction sculpture, 22.4.2011 01

I became an art surgeon for the day. I was testing what happens when I cast some grapes in plaster. It was coming out easier than the previous materials I used. I didn’t expect to have so much fun excavating it from the setting. Watching it back makes me giggly for some reason. It is disgusting and organically beautiful at the same time.





Photo diary of today, 17.3.2011:Yes, I’ve run out of tennis balls today! It’s ok, as I finished covering my 3rd, biggest wooden board. It has just over 1 metre across, and I can’t wait to start filling up the gaps tomorrow. Here is a photo from today.

S.Krupinska, Work in Progress 08, 17.3.2011

S.Krupinska, Work in Progress 08, 17.3.2011

Today, I’m asking my self a question as I put my head next to my freshly mudded 3D painting. How does it feel today? Let’s see, till the mud dries! The sea might settle by then. (personal note)

S.Krupinska, How Does It Feel Today? 02, 25.2.2011, Copyright 2011

S.Krupinska, How Does It Feel Today? 02, 25.2.2011, Copyright 2011

S.Krupinska, Work in Progress, before it dries. 25.02.2011, Copyright 2011

S.Krupinska, Work in Progress, before it dries. 25.02.2011, Copyright 2011

Do you know that feeling, when you sit in your studio, after washing the floor, arranging the wall of your art again, getting ready for an open weekend (more about that later), and just sitting in a chair listening to Radio 4 (yes, I know) and staring in the the ceiling, in  pure bliss of being so lucky to have such a space for storing your art ?! The temple of my creation. And then, there it is.  ‘My Altar’ 2010 was created.  An installation, one of many, that I set up rearanging stuff.

I keep coming back to this picture of my gradmother, back in Slovakia. The power behind it is wordly for me. And I keep daydreaming.

S. Krupinska 'My Altar' 2010

S. Krupinska, 'My Altar' 2010

Krupinska's Studio, August 2010

Krupinska's Studio, August 2010

I love using fruits for my inspiration. I’ve used also pods, nut and seeds previously. What they all for me have in common, are their textures and colours. Something quite special, I could go on and on about it, instead I’ll indulge my self here with a photo. Enjoy!

Hi again! I’m pleased to have found some time, however only very briefly, to write about my latest participation in a “OUR SHOP” project hosted by Ben Nathan and Antony Ward. I have been working in OUR SHOP, a pop up space in Kilburn, London, along with some other invited artists, where I produced a throughtout changing “Dust and Hair Painting”  also called ” Dust Painting, Seed 2″, and some framed works of  “Seeds”. There’ll be an evening celebrating a whole month of lasting of the extraordinary space, tomorrow July 6th, 2010. For directions and more info click here.  I’d love to see you there, if you’re free! If not, I’ll write about the whole experience, in a bit more detail later on.  So watch out for this article to develop. Meanwhile, here is an image of my contribution, and a bit of press, and more photos to come later.

Best wishes




















We drove to Westgate on Sea yesterday, mainly to get a break from London’s pollution, and have our lunch outdoors. As we started to walk along the beach, I couldn’t resist to pick up a shell here and there, as well as my favourite limpets and stones. (See my Cornish Limpet Sculpture here)  The stones I collected were pure white colour, quite gritty, some of them had formed lots of holes and gaps in their structure. I guess that shape and grainy surface is due to the water and waves hitting it on the shore repetitively. The stones are Limestone, variety Chalk. ‘Chalk: A soft limestone with a very fine texture that is usually white or light gray in colour. It is formed mainly from the calcareous shell remains of microscopic marine organisms such as foraminifers or the calcareous remains from numerous types of marine algae.’ (reference:

Before I realized, I had a bagful of pure white treasure in all sizes including a couple over 20 cm long. Some of the stones inspired me. They looked a lot like my latest sculptures…and you are my witness, that I only discovered them after I made my ‘From the Bottom of the Sea 1-6 ‘ Series of sculptures. You can see the similarity here on this image:

What is my plan to do with the Limestone? It is very soft in texture, and it can be used for drawing, (tried and tested on the beach already), or my other plan is to carve in to them, use them in an installation or use them as part of another sculpture, made out of  plaster. I will let you know, once I do this!

Meanwhile, the stones are drying in my studio already, where we dropped them on the way back to London. They will  need to be cleaned before anything else, and here is a photo of the whole group in the background along with some new sculptures in progress in front.


Why don’t you send me your photos of the stones you found? Is your art inspired by outdoors? I’m curious to see your images! Cheers. Silvia











Hi there. This is my blog in which I’ll try to talk about my art practice, sculpting. This platform will be a bit of a self reflection how I feel about what I have produced on a daily or weekly bases, and also an invitation for you to participate and react to my posts. What is your opinion? Do you see it  the way I do?.. and so on. However, if you don’t wish to blog in here, that’s fine as well. Just read me!

I’ll open this blog by exclusive insight into my last (May 2010) produced sculpture, and I will publish how it all started, developed, changed and is looking now. Should this sculpture change later, you will know about it. So welcome again and I hope you enjoy my articles.

Thanks and remember to see my


My opening image of this blog: Sculpture from the new series ‘From the Bottom of the Sea 06, 2010’

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